Thursday, 30 April 2015

I drew a lion!

The next part of Rebekah's journal challenge is a drawing a lion.  Yeah - part 3 and she want's a lion - and she always makes it look so easy when she does it.

So - here is my lion - actually I am quite pleased with him.

He is worked in Inktense pencils.  It is ages since I got my Inktense out - and it's a whole different ball game.  I used to create a few cards for the Pencil Museum in Keswick before I opened the shop but I haven't really worked with them since.  By the end I found I was really getting back into the swing of it.  Love the way Rebekah is challenging me to think differently and do new stuff. 


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

knitting patterns

For all of you that were at the gamers' convention the other week and have requested the patterns for the Pac Man and Space Invaders toys, hats and cushions - they are all listed on my site.  

They are in the download section of the shop - HERE

There are a couple of the single coloured Space Invaders hats that I have not got to yet - hope to get them out in the next couple of weeks.


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bible art Journaling

Have you heard of KISS?  - as in Keep It Simple Stupid/Simon/ - it's something of an oxymoron with me - as in - kitten simple - NAH!!!!

So when I faced Rebekah's week 2 bible page - just using a stencil and Gelatos - where's the bling chaps.  And then she had a stencil that I could not possibly have - don't you just hate it when you are supposed to have all this STUFF before you can possibly create something - not in kitten's world.  If you don't have it - you can always get round it by somehow - I made my own stencil.  OK - so it's not a big, complicated verse or phrase - but it does what I want it to.

I drew some guide lines and roughed out the word I wanted - then I cut out the centers of the letters - I just love it.

I used a bit of washi tape and a big bulldog clip to keep the stencil secure on the page

Then I rubbed my Gelatos through the gaps with my trusty sponges - - now leave it alone - walk away - - do not touch - PUT THAT GLITTER DOWN

See how restrained I have been - so proud of my self - I really did leave it alone ;-)


Monday, 27 April 2015

Day off

Monday is kitten's day off


Saturday, 25 April 2015

Saturday Journal Page

It's cold and wet and miserable in the Auld Grey town today - don't know what happened to the promise of summer during the week.

Never mind - get out the old Dylusions inks with their bright strong colours - thats a pick up in it's self.

Now - if you want a bit more control of where the colour goes on the page - don't forget the sponges - really useful these little chappies. Drop a little ink in to a paint palette - or an old saucer - and use use the corner of the sponge to pick up just the tiniest bit of ink at a time - keep building until you get the depth of colour you want.

And the finished page.  I have used the same ink to colour the texture paste and painting the bird and verse - just helps it all tone in together.  The stamping is done with Memento inks

I really mush get a bit batter lighting on my desk when I take photos - something is different since I moved back and it's not nearly as well lit as it used to be.  Job for the weekend that will be then.


Thursday, 23 April 2015

New display

It's deadly quiet in the town this week - so today I have all the musical show tunes on spotify going - and we are having a good old sing along.

I am doing some work too I promise.  

Now you see it - - 

now you don't

I have wanted to this for ages - it was in the pipeline before Christmas and the move happened.

The goat made me loads of crates that I could stack up and create little feature spots.  I want to be able to showcase different items - and when I make something I can gather all the supplies in one place so you can find them easily.  I can also gather themes together so we can have a hot spot for owls - or hearts - or what ever.  Plus there is more storage space at the bottom - really getting to grips with it all now.


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

new journal

I have seen a few people art journaling directly into a printed book - and I was kinda drawn to the idea.  I ummed and arred over using a bible or a dictionary - and in the end decided on using a Bible - mainly because the words are always just so beautiful.  I had to hunt about for ages to get the book - I wanted a second hand one just because I love the smell and feel of old books.  I eventually found one for a couple of quid in the Oxfam Bookshop - and it's an illustrated one - which I though was very appropriate to being further decorated.

I am following along behind Rebekah Jones trying out all her different techniques - and I have started way back at week 1 so that I don't miss anything.

So week 1 is very simple - but full of bright, happy colours - and I have decided that this will be my catch phrase for the summer as I learn and grow.


Monday, 20 April 2015

Day Off

Monday is kitten's day off


Saturday, 18 April 2015


It's been a bit manic this week getting all the knitting finished for the gaming convention - it does not matter how ontop of everything you think youare - there is always a last minute panic (especially when the client decides the day before that they want to take loads of kits too!).

The conventions is this weekend - and I will post links to the patterns etc for those who are looking for them tomorrow when I have more time.

I have got all my Saturday cleaning done yesterday afternoon and this morning - but I have an urgent wedding order to get out - so I am not journaling today - I will show you how far I have got with my canvas instead.

The background is all finished

And now I am starting to tinker with the top layers

I am so looking forward to getting my live back to myself after knitting for this convention solidly since Christmas - it's weeks since I even hoovered the living room floor, the dining room is still full of the moving left overs - and don't even ask about the state of the box room! ;-)


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Toilet roll project

So much for summer starting today - pouring with rain and thick cloud - had my dress picked out and everything ;-)

A little something to keep you amused in the wet afternoon.
You must forgive me - I had already done this project and taken all the photos - then I lost them off the camera somehow and had to start again.  This it how to create the pockets and pull outs - I will cover how to create the outer album soon.

You will need:
Several toilet rolls
Patterned paper to cover – 6” is not quite large enough – you will need 8” or 12”
card for the inserts
Double sided tape

First iron your toilet rolls flat using the highest heat on your iron – add the steam as well if you have it.


Cut your patterned paper to size – so that it wraps round the flattened roll with about an 1” overlap – and has 1” at each open end the fold in.

Secure in place with double sided tape.

On one end you are going to seal the tube. 

Trim off one side of the paper completely.

Trim each side of the other flap slightly – trimming off a tiny triangle sliver.

Secure flap over the gap with double sided tape

The other end will remain open.

Cut down each side so you have 2 flaps.

Trim each side of the other flap slightly – trimming off a tiny triangle sliver.

Add a strip of double sided tape to the back of each end.

Tuck each flap over to the inside and secure with the double sided tape to neaten.

You can cut a plain tag to slot in – but I wanted something a bit more fancy.

Use a scrap piece of paper to work out the dimensions that will fit into your flattened roll.

You will need a template for the backing card – and the pieces that you want to mat the card.

1 – outer back
2 – outer flaps
1 – inner back (bit smaller than the outer back)
2 – inner flaps

Cut out all the pieces and layer up using double sided tape to secure.

I made 6 pockets and inner pieces altogether.

If you use 3 x 12” sheets of double sided co-ordinating you will have loads of bits to use for the trim so that it all matches


Monday, 13 April 2015

Day Off

Monday is kitten's day off
and I am looking forward to the promised heat wave


Saturday, 11 April 2015

Saturday Journal page

I don't know about you - but sometimes when I am 'tangling' I get stuck for a pattern to use.  I do all the circles and lines and things - then I get a bit stuck for what to use next.  So what I thought I would do is a couple of pages of just patterns.

What I am finding is that the doodles divide into 2 groups - those made of shapes you can colour in - and those that are just filling in patterns.  I am going to stick to the colouring in type because that's what I want to cover my page with as an under layer - and I am going to work up a couple of pages of designs to set me off again when I get stuck.

It is very pleasant standing here with the sun shining outside, just doodling a bit.


Thursday, 9 April 2015

Floor day!!!

Peter is not open next door today - so it's back to Thursday - Floor Day.  I have to admit that I haven't really done the floor for a couple of weeks - been too rough - but it's a beautiful day today and I am feeling really good.

I also have a wedding order to get out.  I was half way through the writing - but I scrapped it as it was just not flowing properly.  Chucked out the rest of the bottle of ink and stripped and cleaned my pen - what a difference!  So - start again.


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

2 things finished

Finished my tiles - will be able to give them a good scrub over tomorrow.  I think that's the last of the jobs that the builders did not finish done at last.  

I have these pocket watch chipboard shapes in the shop - and I used just 1 front and filled it with goodies.

Then I wanted a really ornate background to sit it on

So - the 2 together


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

dreaded 'lurgy' - and a quick tiling job

Huge apologies to al - I am still struggling with this horrid bug.  I am left with a really sore throat and a hacking cough so all my energy is just going into getting through the day.

I have made a start on the bit of tiling that the builders didn't bother to finish.  I picked up some tiles in Homebase reduced to £6 a box - anyone who says DIY is on it's way out should have been ion Homebase yesterday - they were queuing to get into the car park and the shop was packed.

This is the bit behind the sink - the old goat cut one of the tiles in half ready for me 

And it's done.  The tiles are long and skinny - I thought I may as well go for a total contrast as the tiles won't match what is already there anyway.

I have to leave it well alone until tomorrow before I give it a good old scrub - then there is the other end to do - just need to trim a couple of millimetres off the shelf supports first.