Thursday, 1 June 2017

Taking a break

I have developed COPD.  Apparently the last batch of bronchitis has left significant scarring. 

So - what now?

All my energy is going into running the shop - and getting Posh Dog more notice.  I can no longer teach, demo - do craft shows.  I am designing, knitting and sewing - but just in a dog way.  I don't have the capacity to do much craft work at the moment - and I can't keep up with the project days.  I have had this blog for 10 years or so - but I don't think I can keep it full and interesting for you anymore - so I am going to take a break.

I will still be on Facebook - both as me, and The Posh Dog Clothing Company - and I will still keep up the Posh Dog blog - - so please feel free to drop in and join me there.

We will have to see what the future brings us.