Friday, 29 June 2012


The lake Distrist does rain

Kendal town centre and about 3pm yesterday

and more rain to come today!!!

kitten xx

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Do You Stack Up? challenge #78 - Blue Skies and clouds

What an amazing bunch of film titles there - we just get inspiration from just about anywhere don't we?

This week we had better come out of the dark cinema and into 

Blue skies and clouds

Lets hear it for the great outdoors

* Winner's Choice of 4 Images

The Paper Shelter -
* $20 Gift Certificate

* Entire July Collection (The Digital Paper Pack "Great Adventures", 6 different collage sets including Vintage Travels & Wild West dominos, and a digital stamp set "Mermaids Garden" a prize pack worth $30)

I had The Sweet Gardener from The Paper Shelter.  I have used the paper shelter's images before and they are wonderful to colour - so I was dead chuffed to be given another one this week.
 - and my inspitation was the song - Nothing but Blue Skies.  The very background layer is torn thin parchment paper - that's why the edge looks white and uneven - the background paper is  mottled blues and greens that I though looked very shy-ish - and I painted on my clouds with paint dabbers.  You can't see in the scan - but the clouds are silver pearl behind and white over the top - you know - every cloud has a silver lining.  And I made a litle patch of 'grass' to link the message with the image.

kitten xx

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Shop talk

Am I good to you guys or what???

I have finally settled on the range of gems and pearls that I am stocking in the shop - oh - oh - oh - oh - oh!

Are you ready for this one - -

beautiful little half pearls - 3 tones of each shade in the pack make it a really cost effective way to grow your stash without being landed with tons of packets

 Each pearl has its own little adhesive spot - so no cutting off a long strip - don't you just hate it when the corners of the strip stick out and show?
All of these products are in the (newly re-named) section of the shop Gems, Pearls and Candi

As this is a first order I have only got 4 of each one to see how they go before I try the 5mm size - SO GET IN QUICK OR YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR MIGHT BE GONE

Gem selections - Beautiful strong, sparkly colours.

And in 3 sizes on each card - super efficient way to add extra dimension without adding extra cost
Again each gem has its own little adhesive spot - so no cutting off a long strip - much easier!!!

Use the point of your craft knife - or your pokie tool to cleanly and efficiently transfer all of these from the presentation card - onto your project

Gosh - I spoil you

kitten xx

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Distressed ink collages

I finally got to finish the work I did with Ester on Monday - been madness here!

I could not decide whether to add the paper 'frill' arround the top of the drawer box.  In the end I added a tiny lace frill and set the card easel lid on slightly askew.  Only used one ink pad - Dusky Concord I think

Then I got to finish the canvas hanger we made - added loads more to this!  It is a mix of Spun Sugar and Fired Brick.

kitten xx

Saturday, 23 June 2012

On line - well sort of

The guys felt so bad about the phone line mess up that they bought me a dongle so at least I can pick up mail and get web shop orders processed.

So here we have the very latest - cutting edge - super high tec advancement in Internet communications.  You put your net book on a stool - go outside - and waggle it about a bit until you pick up a signal ROFL.  Remember when mobile phones were so new that you had to walk about and find a signal?  Kendal is still a bit like that.  All the building have such think walls that the signals are very patchy and you have to find a little 'hot' spot of your own to get a good link.  How funny is that.

So think of me - in the severe weather warning forecast this weekend

kitten xx

Friday, 22 June 2012


It's absolutely chucking it down out there - course it is - the Olympic torch is going through Kendal this morning!  We sure can rain up here ;-)  I am supposed to be at Grange for Art-on-the-Prom on Sunday but I can't see it happening.
Much more fun - the new wall display all full.  It is a super way to show loads of cards off.  I painted loads of wooden pegs in bright colours and the plastic bag is pegged to the trellis with them.  It is a riot of colour and shape - and you still get to see the wall and shadows behind it -  love it

kitten xx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Artist in the shop

All this week I have had Damian Kane's photographs in the shop window.

OK - so lousy image - guess that's why his photos are so amazing - and mine are such rubbish!!!!  The beached boats (in the bottom middle) are just so wonderful - I must force myself not to buy them myself (next year when I have money!!) - and the green beetle on the black and white - just above the boats - has also got loads of attention.
These photographs will be gone after Saturday - so shout NOW or miss out when he moves on!!!

kitten xx


I am starting to worry about me
- I am starting to think  O-M-G!!! is a real emotion!

kitten xx

Do You Stack Up #77 - Inspired by a film

Hope you had fun playing along last week - loads of wonderful cards for the guys.

This week we are going to the movies

We have a couple of amazing sponsors for you

The Alley Way Stamps -
* $20 Gift Certificate 

Tiddly Inks -
* $12 Gift Certificate
So get your ticket and join in!!!!

I was sent this fab stamp from The Alley Way stamps.  A great big polymer stamp with loads of phrases on it - bit like a work search - find the phrase.  So wonderful - a HUGE block of words - just my thing!  I used it as a general background stamp - but you could high-light some of the phrases to make it suit different occasions.  It looks amazing embossed too!

My film inspiration was - You Got Mail.  Emails are fine - but you can't bee a real envelope to open ;-)

kitten xx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New artist

All this week we are showcasing a new young talent on the block.

Damion Kane - an amazing photographer is showing his photos in the window all week and his work is available to buy  here

Seriously - I have only a tiny sample of his photos and they are just drop dead gorgeous - he has the most evocative style - I so want one (and I may have to after living with them all week!!!)

Please do drop by and have a look - share your thoughts - I so want to shout out for his work

kitten xx

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Shop news

I have new card candy - yum yum.

I have all the new 'animal' prints  -  -  -  and I might even share them with you!!!

Plus a few colours that we have not had before.  All in the SHOP now

kitten xx

Monday, 18 June 2012

Sunday, 17 June 2012


You know me - frugal crafting is just in my nature - if it won't jump through hoops - it's waaaaay to tame.

So - how come - the Winter Distress pads were about £10 - now the Summer ones are £15!!!  I have been trying to force myself to get the Spring and summer ones because the inks are such fabulous tools.  Can't do it - sorry - just can not make myself spend £30 on a few ink pads - - totally insane

So (still needing a fix) - 2 wholesalers later - and just picked up the Summer Micheal Powell Lighthouse scenes from Cutting Edge Craft (these guys are so good!).  Got new stock coming in next week for you guys - yummie new Candi - and some kits to keep the kids busy in the holidays - good old basic glues and tools that have been asked for.

It's much more fun buying for you guys ;-)

kitten xx


As you can see we are STILL without internet at the shop - doing my head in - I really miss all the posting - and I can't keep anyone up to date with all the stuff going on in the shop.  Loads of new products - my work is really improving.

We have added a couple of painted garden trellis panels to display cards and pictures.  I clip the cards onto the cross bars with bright painted pegs - and I have a couple of display baskets with hooks on the back that fit over nicely.  They look great when they are full up.
Just to shop you how uneven the floor is!  One end of the book case is flat ont he floor - the other end is propped up about 3" to get the shelves to look flat.  All the display units are packed up at one end to make the shelves run flat - I could not believe it when we first put a unit in, you don't notice it normally. 

kitten xx

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Do You Stack Up #76 - For a man or boy

Hey everyone!
Welcome to a new challenge at Do You Stack Up?! 
This week is all about the man and boys in our lives. 
We want you to create anything masculine.  Whether is to celebrate Father’s Day or for a birthday as long as it is masculine…. Bring it on!!
For this week we have three great sponsors:
$15 Gift Certificate 

Bugaboo Digital Stamps
Winner’s Choice of 7 Images

Wonderstrange Arts
Winner's Choice of 5 Digital Stamps (not Sets)

We hope you have a
Happy Crafting Time and
share your precious creations with us!!

  • Our DT would love to leave comments on your blogs, please remove word verification to make this process easier (see right side bar for a how-to guide).
  • Only 3 entries per person per Challenge.
  • Make sure to link back to this challenge and mention it on your blog in your blog post.
  • No back linking.
  • Entries that do not fit the requirements will not be eligible for Winner or Top 3.
  • Mr. Linky closes at 5pm on Tuesdays.

Men's cards - my favourate soapbox!!!  The instant I saw this image - I know I just HAD to have it!!!  I don't often ask for a perticular image - I quite like a surprize - but this one I really loved.  It is from Wonderstrange Designs.  Very unusual designs - fun and quirky - I love quirky - some very gothic looking images too

kitten xx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Shelly's Images

Shelly's Blog - HERE Shelly's Images shop - HERE

One of the sad things about opening the shop is that I have had to leave Shelly's desigh team.  I have only been with them a few months - but they are a super bunch of girls - really helpful and suportave. 

So this is by way of a 'Thank you' to Shelly and the team for letting me play a while - it's sad - but I know I did the right thing - the shop is filling all my time

This card is for all of you

kitten xx

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Do You Stack Up - #75 Paper piecing

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a new challenge at Do You Stack Up?! 

How many of you used to love scissors as a kid?  That was really fun, specially the confetti that results after a great cutting session.  Those are wonderful memories of great times when life was so simple.  Don’t you all agree?  Well, today is all about remembering those times because we want you to Paper Piece you card!!!  So grab your scissors, your favorite image a cup of ice tea and enjoy being a kid again. 

For this week we have three great sponsors:

$15 Gift Certificate

Winner's Choice of 3 Digis

I don't think I am much good at this technique - but I do like the way you can match part of the image to the background.  When I do a baby card I always do one for a boy and one for a girl - it's facinating to see which sells fastest - I mostly have girl cards left in stock at the moment.

This is a Dearie Dolls image - bit different I thought


kitten xx

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tuesday - shop talk

I have added a range of cute little animals with greetings to the shop stock.
So far we have mice
- with greetings - 'mice to know you' - ' you are so mice' - have a mice day' - 'be mice to me'

I have knitted Bees
with greetings - 'bee nice to me' - 'bee happy' - 'bee mine'

And I have knitted sheep
with greetings - 'love ewe' - 'ewe are mine' -

So far these are only available in the shop - but if they are a success I will look into making mare and adding them to my site.  You could always request one to be specially made for you though ;-)

kitten xx

Sunday, 3 June 2012


Got home yesterday to a total mess.

My guys are soo not house trained - one can't and the other won't - I don't know how they don't seem to mind it.

The theme for the window this week was Baby stuff
All sorts of gifts as well as cards.
I must find a way to get a bit better photo of the window.

kitten xx