Saturday, 23 August 2014

Saturday journal

Just when I thought I was sorted with the wedding - in comes another of over 100 - but I was DETERMINED that I would at least do a little in my journal.

This is a very old trick - but great fun.  Oil Pastels scribbled all over the page - there are a couple of images stamped and embossed in clear on the page first.

You can use baby oil to blend all the colours together.  Really get in between the clear embossing to make the image show as a 'ghost' look

Once the oil soaks into the page - you can go back and doodle - stamp - draw over the top.  This has the images stamped again using Memento - and some metallic pencil flowers.

I might doodle a bit more - and I need a caption.

I love this technique - I use it on A3 water colour papers with loads of added swirls - then I cut the paper into smaller panels and use it to make cards


Monday, 18 August 2014

crafting on a budget

The newest 'designer' kid on the block is the magnetic storage system from Zutter.  the system allows you to keep your metal dies stored in a simple to use - easy to find storage box.  It is based around the A4 size so you can store lots on each of the double sided magnetic sheets.  The basic starter kit is around £20.

Sounds super cool doesn't it ?

Soooooo - all of you that visit me in the shop know my opinion of 'designer' brands and 'unmissable' gadgets.

I have A4 magnetic sheets - they are 75p each - they are self adhesive - so you could always stick 2 together.  The £1 shop sometimes has A4 box folders - but if they don't Home Bargains are around £2.50 with great patterned covers. 

 BUT then the won't have THE 'logo' - guess it all depends on what you want to pay for :-)

So - Here's kitten mouthing off again - but I made a promise to be honest with you - and I always will!


Saturday, 9 August 2014

wedding favor city

It's a bit like playing Jenga - with little boxes!

I have made almost 500 wedding favor boxes this past couple of weeks.  Just waiting on one more list of names and that's the summer rush over.

And you know what happens then ..........


Thursday, 7 August 2014

yarn thickness explained - I hope!

Some of you look at me in disbelief when I say you can put strands of yarn together to make up the different thicknesses so I thought I would try to explain it a little for you.

The names 4 ply - double knitting - chunky etc refer to the thickness of the yarn not the weight of the ball.  The 'ply' term is an industry standard which refers to the thickness of a single strand of spun yarn.
4 ply is 4 tiny individual strands twisted together - double knitting is technically an 8 ply ( although because of the way they make it now you can't still split it into the 8 strands) - so if you use 2 strands of 4 ply together you will make up the double knitting thickness.

Chunky is twice the thickness of double knitting - so it you work 2 strands of double knitting together it is the same knitting thickness as a chunky.  This means (and it took me ages to get my head round this one!) - a 100g ball of double knitting and a 100g ball of chunky is exactly the same thing!  As the double knitting is half the weight - you get twice the length - but using 2 strands together it will work out the same as a chunky thickness.  So if you see a chunky and a double in the same brand of the same yarn - and the chunky costs more - you will pay more for your yarn that you need to.

Super chunky is double the thickness of chunky - so if you use 2 strands of chunky together (or 4 strands of double) you can make the super chunky weight.

All you have to do is hold the strands together and make sure that they all go round the needle and through the loop.

I often mix chunky and double knitting together when I am making hats with motifs on - it's fine.  If it's for a cushion, toy, bag or a hat it won't show - and it will use up your scraps.

Some wools are heavier in weight than acrylic and work and wash differently - I would not recommend you mix wool and acrylic on anything that is going to be work and washed regularly. 

Also the dirt cheap imported yarns that you get from places like The Works can be thinner than you would expect and don't have the give of brands like my Robin - so just be aware of that.