Friday, 30 November 2012

Woodware challenge

Here is the Woodware Challenge for this month - a nice simple one as you are all so busy.  Enter and try to win yourself some goodies.

Sketch Challenge

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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Do You Stack Up? Challenge blog - #100 Thanks

*Free Digital-Stamp Club membership for a year
Read here for more information:

I just could not resist this darling little Santa Cat from Broken Box Stock - and I thought I would make something really quick and simple so that you could make loads of them for after Christmas
Here is the card

Darling little A7 size - purrrfect for just a quick thank you - and I have a cool trick to make it easy for you.

In which ever program you use to do your digital images - open an A4 size - set the images out as in the diagram below - make sure you get them the right ways round.  Cut into quarters as the dotted lines.  Colour and embellish your images - then fold your 4 little cards in half.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

clean and tidy

Just to prove that my back room does see tidyness sometimes

After the rain came in (again) last week I have cleaned and bleached everything so it's all beautiful.

I was so worried about the week end's rain - but that was fine - everything stayed dry.  I don't know what it was about the rain on Friday night that was different??

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Goodie bag

New goodie bag for you - the is one is themed 'Starting Stamping' - with a set of Woodware clear Magic stamp - a block - card blanks - embellishments - markers - foam pads AND a quick little 'how to' sheet

Perfect for a beginner - get it HERE

There is only the one remember

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Shop Talk

Jeepers - where to start.

You know - one thing that really gets my goat at this time of year ( opps - perhaps that should be - old goat !! ;-) ).    christmas takes over - nothing else exists.
Well - yes - we have loads of Christmas themed craft goodies and hand made gifts and Christmas cards ready for you to just get going with - -
 - but folk still have lifes going on - and birthdays
and we have super winter wedding cards too!

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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday - I'm working!

Sunday I have spent pottering about - I had to drop in on the shop.  Just when you think the week has just about thrown everything it had at you - there was water debris about the shop floor?  We have a really heavy hail/snow storm and I think the gutters must of over flowed.  So that just about rounded off a very muddled week

oh - and Hen-pen has a touch of kennel Cough - had to go to the chemists for some Calcough bless him (he just licks it out of the palm of my hand).

Anyway - pottering about on the Internet and catching up on stuff - I have found a super cool new site with loads of free designs and patterns.

I was looking for some knitting patterns for dollies.  I have been asked to knit two Christmas dresses for dollies (how much fun is that ;-) ), and I found a super little shift dress with a bit of fair Isle pattern on the bottom.  I can't wait to get back to work on Tuesday and start them!

Also - just the funniest thing - I have had 4 or 5 enquiries for bead stringing this past week.  Bit of Deja vu going on here - I spent 15 years working in the jewellery trade - in the shop - in the office - window dressing - book keeping - on the workshop bench - and - spooky - I was pearl stringing for about 6 years.  At the time that Princess Diana was wearing her big 3 row fitted pearl chokers - I was stringing and fitting 3 or 4 pearl chokers of 3 or 5 rows every week - the best one was a 12 row seed coral choker.  OMG - every row had to be fitted to her neck to sit properly.  I wonder if she ever had it re-strung?

After the old goat and I had a bit of a gossip about it - I thought I would take it up again.  I am way out of practise - but if there is a need for it I am going to stock a few bits and bobs for jewellery repair and take up restringing again.  the haberdashery wholesalers stock that sort of thing so I have picked up some supplies and will get a space in the flat sorted out to work in.  I will launch it all properly after Christmas (still so much Christmas stuff to get sorted - yikes).

I have soooooo much planned for the New Year - can't wait.

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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Knitting kit

OK boys and girls - this is your last knitting kit before Christmas - and on a Christmas theme.

Gorgeous knitted holly broach
Just how darling is this one?

You will need a little bit of experience as there are a couple of new techniques but I have done my best to break it down into small manageable chunks.  It is so great - you could use it for loads of things as well as just putting a broach pin on the back.

Available in 'Antique' or 'modern' red/green

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Friday, 23 November 2012


I was at a workshop on Monday with Darling Ester.  The theme was black and white - moment of slight hysteria there - WOT NO DISTRESSING - but the cards are so pretty - and loads of 'faffing' about - so it was a super day..

Here are a couple that we made

Love all the glitz and bling - you will just have to trust me - loads of glitter and crystals 

I have made and decorated boxes for them to - to make them really special

THANK YOU ESTER - see you in the New Year

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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Do You Stack Up? Challenge blog - #99 -

* Winner's Choice of 4 Images

*$20 gift certificate

*Winner's Choice of 5 Digis

I had a really fun little  Fun time girlie from Crafty Sentiments.  The papers are just odds and ends from the box that I thought looked girlie - than I coloured the image to match.  The mount behind her is a piece of sparkly purple card that  was square and I trimmed off the side to fit her - then used a white gel pen to add the dots

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Shop Talk

Personalised Christmas cards now being made - blue for a boy and ink for a girl with baby's name on.

Or what about this little cutie?

Drop me an email

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Saturday, 17 November 2012

new knitting

I have had a very quiet little day today.  Cleaned my kitchen bit - got my big desk tidy.

I am loving re-discovering knitting - added htis to the window today

Baby's Christmas Pudding hat - isn't it cute?  It's not my pattern - it's from Debbie Bliss - A knitter's Year.  Going to make another one over the week end

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Do You Stack Up? Challenge blog - #98 rainbow

* $20 Gift Certificate

*£15 gift certificate

This is one of The Alley Way background stamps.  You know what really impresses me most? - it stamps first time - all the time.  If ever there was a design that might be patchy - all these little letter are it!  It never fails me - and I use it loads

Did something simple with the guys in mind - and made the feature the stamp it's self instead of being in the background all the time

Card and a gift tag

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Gosh I was just beginning to think I was up with things - you should hear the noise the printer is making now - painful.

It never ends does it!

I am at a Christmas fair this evening - our son's local school - can't wait to get going

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

on line again

Gosh it's just so great to be back on line properly again - mind you I have saved some money as I haven't been able to get to any of the wholesalers sites ;-0

You know every Christmas something runs out and I can't get it for love or money - always something really basic and simple.  Last year it was red and green book rings - this year it's silver glitter.  Yes - simple - honest to goodness plain old dry silver glitter powders - can't find any anywhere.

well off to check again

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Shop Talk

OK Chaps - the new Devine Twine is here!
Actually that's not bad  - I was hoping that it would be here before the end of the month and it's here earlier - thanks to whiskers Graphics (the makers) - cheers guys.
ANYWAY - Devine twine in SOLID colours - wow
Sometimes you just need a solid hit of colour - now you got it
literally - straight out of the factory - right to you - yummie stuff
 And 3 new colour twists
THE CHRISTMAS MIX - red / green / white
 COOL OR WHAT!!!!!!!

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Do You Stack Up? Challenge blog - #97 - Leaves

* $12 Gift Certificate

*Winner's Choice of 3 Digital Images

* Winner's Choice of 5 Digital Images

You know how much I just love anything 'tree-ish'.  I just love the shapes that people come up with as a tree.  This little darling Bonsi is from Hope Jacare - and this is me 'trying' to do 'simple'.  I left the image plain with just a bit of sponging to look like soft fluffy blossom - and I added a flower shape gem to each group (they are nail gems - nice and flat).  The background paper is  hand made one with a pale lilac flower pattern embossed into an antique gold - looks sumptuous   There is a bit of pink mesh across the other backing paper  - just for a bit of interest and something different.  I did add a few gems at the side - then I prized the gem box out of my sticky little mits and sat on my hands so that I could not add anything else!

Hope you like my 'simple'

kitten xx

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Shop Talk

I am so sorry abut the lack of posts - I am still without internet at the shop.  The new system 'should' go live on Thursday and we should be back to normal.

It's driving me nuts I can tell you!!!

There is so much going on in the shop, at home - and with the old goat and I can't shout it out.  It takes me about 40 mins on the dongle just to pick up my emails - Facebook etc are totally out of the question and the shop stock is all way out.

I have a new knitting kit - the cutest little owl - 'Owl be your friend' - very rustic.

The Christmas stock is doing well - the suncatchers are flying out the door - and there is only 1 each of the Maya Road Tree shape and Gingerbread man shape chipboard books - no more until next Christmas folks.

The new Devine Twine colours should hit customs and day now - so excited - there is a Christmas mix of red / green / white which should be fab.  AND I only have 3 bundles of Cherry left - so it will be just in time.  There are 2 spools of that coming as well.
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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Do You Stack Up? Challenge blog - #96 - Brads

*$25 Gift Certificate

I am going to share with you one of my favourite techniques today.  I love to layer all sorts of different textures on top of each other.
Start by folding an A5 sheet of card in half length ways in stead of short ways and you get a fantastic long slim card.

You can't see it in the scan - but I stamped with Versamark and a snowflake stamp all over first - then used the Metallic Stayz-on to stamp the flourish - and added a die cut swirl in metallic green.

The top layer is all created on the brad and added over the created background.  Find a really pretty brad - open up the legs and add a die cut snowflake right behind the front.  Add funky fibred - twisted wire - cotton with a bell - anything you fancy really, and push the brad through where you want it.  I add a tiny bit of silicone to hold the fibres and wires securely.

When it is all assembled add dots and gems to fill the gaps

magic ;-)

kitten xx