Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Monday, 22 February 2010


Had my Daisy and Dandelion Designer hat on today.
Erica sent me a load of stickers to use. Now I don't know about you - but I struggle to use stickers and make then look better than just a 'thingie' stuck on the top - but -
I think I may have cracked it - well for now anyway
A6 size cards - the bigger plain card is embossed in the Cuttlebug
- even I think they are cute

kitten xx

Sunday, 21 February 2010


Coming from the chaps playing on the X Box
- hold still while I jump off your head (???)
kitten xx


Gosh I have worked really hard this weekend. I am a lot better and I have sifted through some very murky corners in the office. I am much more focused with my work these days and making a huge effort to use up and stream line stuff.

Thomas cat is extremely well for someone who is supposed to be so poorly! He was banging on the back door to go out this morning, but it was snowing - don't think he has ever seem snow.

I had a brilliant idea (months ago really) - why should girls have ll the fun? Sketched out a boys rocket album and a fort/castle one. Made up the rocket today - very pleased for the proto-type

Different shaped pages - front cover with legs -
then plain pages for photos / notes

inner page with body shape
then more plain page for photos / notes

Back cover with nose cone and feet

kitten xx

Saturday, 20 February 2010


Forgot to show you my last commission.

The silver glitter paper and the red flock paper are hand made Indian papers - really textured. The background pattern paper is a scrapbook one - and the heart is one I drew myself. I hope he likes it when he sees it

kitten xx

Friday, 19 February 2010


Went out to lunch at our faverate pub ( - bless the dogs - you have only got to say 'who wants to go to the pub for lunch' - and they are right there!

New Station Of The Cross - number 3
Jesus falls for the first time
Better get a move on - Lent has started and I have only done 3

kitten xx

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Just had to share this with you -
apparently there is a 'new' term for d-i-y attempts at calligraphy
'SELF PEN-ED' (what ? ? ?)
kitten xx


David over at www.craftobsessions phoned this morning - the new order from the CHA was being unpacked and the NEW Tim Holtz book 'A Compendium of Curiosities' (great title btw Tim :-) ), has arrived. My copy was sitting on his desk waiting for me - WAITING FOR ME!! Hold me back.
David and Brenda's site is fantastic - they have sooo much variety in the stock - AND it's real stock, in the warehouse, just waiting for a loving home. Well, you have to don't you?
Got my book, a few 'need-ie' bits, and the sale is still clearing the last few bits - so picked up some papers and a couple of things to 'try'.
Thanks for the call David - you can't get better service!!!
kitten xx

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Little poem to share with you today - it was written by George, our craft teacher Barbara's husband
The Card Maker's Lament
Cutting, embossing, glitter and glue
There's only so much that a person can do.
Folding it correctly, getting it square,
Measuring, measuring, taking great care.
If it's not tidy then Barbara will be cross,
But just at this moment I don't give a toss.
Still there are times when it works
and I make a good card
After all, it's a hobby
it shouldn't be hard.
So pass me the scissors
And wipe off the glue
I'll roll up my sleeves
And see what I can do.
I do like the company
The sandwiches too
And it isn't too long
From eleven till two.
So, I'll put in more effort
And maybe ONE day
Barbara might say "Well done",
Oh, Hip-Hip-Hooray
kitten xx

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Gosh - it's ages since I dropped into charismacards challenge - and they have a new look for the new year

This week - something male - hmmmm

Love this one - watercolour stamping
made up of loads of little stamps and watercolour washes


kitten xx
I have been working on my first commission of the week - not finished so I can't show you yet - it is not a secret so I will show you tomorrow.

Better find something else to show you instead

Couple of this years Christmas card fronts I have just re-worked.

There was a real 'old fashioned' feel to loads of the cards, and as we have had - and still have - loads of snow (the mountains in Windermere have been topped with sow since the middle of December and the fells got another dusting this morning.

kitten xx


Am getting a bit tired of the Corri story line now -
- - - I would just like to point out - if you visit us in the Lakes - and take your boat out - and fall off and drown - you will be found - very quickly - there are loads of us locals who live here - yes - even in the winter!
kitten xx

Monday, 15 February 2010



At last - a NORMAL week - - -hay no - hang on it's half term - b***er another cracking plan sunk

Got 2 commissions to do this week, so sales are starting this year
Off to watch a Cracker episode tonight

kitten xx

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Remember the fairies?

How cool are these!

Made them up into cards - layered over torn papers that co-ordinate with the images, and added grumpy teen sayings.

I do find that I am using much more scrapbook paper in my work now - I think the choice of patterns is just out of this world. I rummage about in the sale section and pick them up fro half price and I have a huge stack now of all sorts.
Trouble is some sheets are just so gorgeous - that I can't bear to use them.

Saturday, 13 February 2010


Well, Thomas cat's lump is very visible now - I recon it has doubled in size in - what, 10 days or so? Tom is absolutely fine - loving the kitten nibbles I go him to keep his calories up and judging but the scampering about noises in the night - it's not slowing him down either. ((((Small wee problem though - he has always been 'hit and miss', but now he is more miss that hit - if you get me. Poor old goat - the studio smells a bit like a hamster cage. Never mind the spring weather is on it's way and we can get the windows open in the afternoons. We can get a new carpet later)))))

MEANWHILE - back in the office

I have been finishing of a huge batch of kiddies age cards. The stamps are Woodware - coloured with Copics. I have now done enough for the year to sell on the stall.

And - of course I can always do one with the kiddies FAVORITE animal ( I know how fussy they can be) - with the correct age - and the colour theme you like

I have added a new section in the shop for 'Age' cards - for these, and the candle ones I do to. Must come up with a 21 'key' one as well! Is it still OK to have 21 as the 'key of the door' - or is all that stuff old hat now?

kitten xx

Thursday, 11 February 2010


I have slept off and on for 36 hours - I was loads brighter today and even did a bit of sweeping up outside. Thomas is fine - the lump is about the size of a lemon pointing upwards. I have got him some kitten food thinking that it would have all the vitamins and stuff he needs, but would be easy to digest - he thinks it's great fun

I have been making kiddies age cards for the stall.
These are Woodware stamps - had them for ages. Each year I make a big batch for the stall using a different technique. Last year I flocked their faces - this year I have used Copics and added wobbly eyes. Really fun.
It is also a good way to use up all sorts of scraps.
I just cut up some patterned paper scraps for the backgrounds - and the images are matted with pearl scraps. I usually do 3 of each age up to 11 - I have 4 left from last year, so I hope this year's go as well
kitten xx


When you cut your matting layers - ink round the exposed side white edge with a matching felt pen (I use my Copics). It's not that you will see it as such - it's more an illusion of depth
kitten xx

Monday, 8 February 2010


Thomas cat is fine - lump is growing but he is bright and bouncy - me? - I have a massage fibro flare and crashed.

Did make a couple of cards before I slept all afternoon though.
This is a Penny Black botanical stamp. It is so pretty and delicate - you can use anything to colour it, and change the colour theme every time. All last year's sold so I thought a new batch was called for.

Size - DL, card stock cream hammer finish, stamped on white, cut with a crinckle edge, matted with a mirri card the a pearl to match the colour theme. This stamp is so pretty and delicate it is best left with nothing much added. These are coloured with Copics, added liquid pearls and gems
kitten xx

Sunday, 7 February 2010


How cute are these little poppets???

Not sure if they are suposed to be 'cute' really!

I have cleared a huge pile of decoupage from the office and I am listing it on the shop site.

If you fancy anything - get in quick as I won't be doing anymore.

I want to get on with my studies and I hate stuff hanging about un-loved and un-worked

I have loads in my head for working this stuff up into cards - and these gothic fairies will be among the first - and the georgous wild animals - they are soo realistic

kitten xx

Saturday, 6 February 2010


Well Thomas cat is fine, all bright and bouncy - I gave him a good comb through today - he loves being groomed - especially his face and whiskers. He is so fit and well (apart from his lump) - it all seems a bad dream.
Me? - big fibro flare.
I have been tinkering with decoupage at the bench to keep me occupied (don't have to think too much, but still can make something). I have decided to make up and clear all the decoupage I have collected - my studies are taking me in a different direction. I will still do a batch of Jolly Nation ones for the dog shows every year - they always sell out - but the other bits that I have picked up will get made up and listed on the site for use. Got a few really cute Gothic fairies - will show you tomorrow when I get the main comp running tomorrow (no pickies on the laptop - I am in bed crashed out).
See - I am like Winston Churchil - he used to stay in bed to work and have all his ministers visit him
kitten xx

Friday, 5 February 2010


Took my Thomas cat to the vet today - he has a growth between his shoulder blades. Knew it would be good news - bless him he is 11, what ever it was going to be would not be nice. It is a fibrous tumor - caused apparently as a side effect of the leukaemia jabs they have - but very rare - first time the vet had seen one (had to phone a friend).
It is in-operable. Thomas is fine - no pain - and we are all home. It will just grow until it proves too much of a drain on his system - then ....
So forgive me while I fall apart for a few days..........
kitten xx

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Been at class today

We were doing watercolour stamping.

This little scene is so sweet. The lighthouse/house are on the same stamp - then the cliff face - and the fence are 2 more. All the greenery is made up from lots of different tiny little foliage stamps.

I do love watercolour stamping - it's always a thrill to create a picture - and they are always so different.

Must put it on the to do list

kitten xx

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I have been asked where i get my Copics from. I do like the Sketch ones - but can't always afford
I use - the best prices arround and free post over £10.
Hubby gets his pen refils here too - if you have never seen a Pental Brush Pen - you really should
kitten xx

Monday, 1 February 2010


Never judge a card by it's cover - this darling was sent to use this Christmas

Cut it up and reworked the front picture

- sold today for a baby due next month


kitten xx