Sunday, 21 February 2010


Gosh I have worked really hard this weekend. I am a lot better and I have sifted through some very murky corners in the office. I am much more focused with my work these days and making a huge effort to use up and stream line stuff.

Thomas cat is extremely well for someone who is supposed to be so poorly! He was banging on the back door to go out this morning, but it was snowing - don't think he has ever seem snow.

I had a brilliant idea (months ago really) - why should girls have ll the fun? Sketched out a boys rocket album and a fort/castle one. Made up the rocket today - very pleased for the proto-type

Different shaped pages - front cover with legs -
then plain pages for photos / notes

inner page with body shape
then more plain page for photos / notes

Back cover with nose cone and feet

kitten xx

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