Thursday, 30 August 2012

Do You Stack Up? # 87 - Back to school

Don't know about where you are - but the poor kiddies are actually desperate to get back to school round here.  You can count the number of fine days we have had on one hand and they are sooo fed up with nothing to do.  It is brewing up for a thunder storm as I type - my little dog is on my lap all of a-quiver!

Can You Digi It
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My Heart Pieces
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Melonheadz Illustrating
* $15 Gift Certificate

I used 2 images from MelonHeads to create this fun scene.  I wanted to keep to plain bright colours so it's all very simple colouring.  The bunting is raised on foam pads which give a great look

Sooo sorry all - very stressed here - I should have added the card!!!!!!

kitten xx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Normal service will be a little slow today - came into a flood!

 The main water in pipe had been leaking - must be all weekend.  Luckily the floor is a really odd shape and most of the water ran out under the door.  I have lost a card stand so I will have to get another one of those - but all the stock is fine.  I nearly had kittens when I got to the door this morning ans saw all the water running out I can tell you!!!
Getting cleared up slowly

kitten xx

Shop talk

I have got such a treat for you guys!

I have managed to get hold of some Mavey La Plume alcoholic ink markers as an amazing price.

Alcohol based markers like Copics and Marvy LePlume Permanent provide a unique experience for illustrators and paper crafters. They are permanent, even on non-porous surfaces like glass, plastic and metal. Both brands are interchangable, blendable and have similar quality ink. Copics can be refilled and the tips can be replaced when damaged or worn out, while Marvy Alcohol Markers (Le Plume Permanent) are considered disposable. Copic Sketch markers come with two tips, a medium broad tip and a brush tip. Marvy recognized that most paper crafters generally only use the brush tip and by offering their single brush tip solution have been able offer their pens at a great savings. The brush tip has a slightly different feel and seems to naturally hold more ink so it takes less time to saturate your paper.  The difference is very slight and barely noticable once you use the marvys for a couple minutes.

After mixing these two brands quite a lot we've seen no damage to the tips of either brand and they seem to blend as seamlessly as just using Copics alone. We've also noticed that a Copic nib is not more likely to become stained from Marvy LePlume Permanent inks than it is a similar color of Copic marker. Mixing colors on non-porous surfaces or coated papers is the most common way to discolor a pen nib on either brand. If you do this, scribble with the pen until the original color is restored.

I have had my sticky mits on them and used them and they are really lovely.  at this price it's a great way to grow your stash - or take your first steps without the huge cost

as always - I am going to list them individually (normally come in bigger sets) - but for you - just £2 each. In the SHOP - IN THE PENS AND PAINT SECTION PS - I only have 2 of each colour at the moment - if you like them I will get more.


kitten xx

Saturday, 25 August 2012


I have just got a new 'everyday' pen - the last one was getting a bit worn.  They usually last me about 18 months and I keep the old ones for using as a single colour.

So I spent the day playing with a new text  - this has been brewing for months - you have seen odd cards with single 'rules' - but this is the first time I have done the whole thing.   I will make it up as a card as well as the large text peice

 I have about 14 rules now - suggesstions always welcome.  

and for cats too - I only have 8 'rules' for them

kitten xx

Friday, 24 August 2012

How to

Quick little 'How to' for you.

Misting is all the rage at the moment - how pricey are those bottles!!!! - Make your own mist

Load up your H2Os pot with water

let it stand for a few minutes and mix up well

When you get a nice creamy mix - use a paint brush to put a bit into a mini mister - 4 - 5 brush fulls should do it.

Add more water - yes - more - trust me on this.  H2Os is a solid block of pigment colour and will take all this watering down and still be a good colour and sparkle

Give the bottle a really good shake - and spritz. - keep shaking and spritzing as you like.  Let the first coat dry and spray over for a more textured effect.  Keep the caps on the mini mister tightly and the mist will stay usable for ages - all it needs is a good shake.

Now how much money have I saved you

Little H2Os paint pots only £2 each in the SHOP


kitten xx

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Do You Stack Up? #86 - Fantasy

Have you checked back to see who were winners in the Buttons blog hop? - well check and see!!!

Through the Craftroom Door
* One Year PDF subscription

The Stamping Boutique

I had this wonderful Lemonade Lucy from Through The Craft Room Door - isn't she just wonderful!!!  She had to be yellow didn''t she - and I had just the backing paper (well a scrap left - but just enough ;-) )

The side detail is embossed Gemstone Cor'dinations and inked - and the little bits that lok like lemon slices are actually nail gems!

Love the way she has turned out

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New card

People are always asking where I get my ideas.  - All over the place really - but a really big one is when I see an image and know exactly the text that will match.

Like this one

The image is from Wonderstrange - and I knew the moment I saw it what the greeting would be!

kitten xx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Odds and Soxlets

I needed a quick and easy gift bag for a wedding - and sitting on my desk was one of Erica's owl digis - Hitched

The template is one I made up - based on a 1960s handbag - and it is cut from double sided scrapbook card

Love it!!!

kitten xx

Friday, 17 August 2012

New project

I actually got a bit of time to make something for myself.  I needed a simple folder type thingie to keep my banking statements in

- So - I had the back heavy card piece from a 12" card stack.   scored it at 21cms so it would fit A4 with a pocket

Then I used a dabber all round the edges so I cout cut the patterned paper and have a plain border

 I cut patterned 12 " sheets to fit - I actually got to rummage through my own personal stash and choose something I really liked - I have been dieing to use this Circus theme paper since it came in (it's a graphic 45 - Circue).
 Now I can store all my bank papers so I can see them and keep it up to date

kitten xx

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Good morning everyone! Are you arriving from my talented crafty friend, Mary? I bet she left you with some very inspiring takes on this week's challenge. If not, I encourage you to start from the beginning. But let's get on with the show... As you can see from the DYSU Blog, we are dedicating this blog hop to none other than the brilliant Meredith. Meredith's stint on the DYSU team was short and sweet, but I would not have wanted it any other way. She's super sweet to have around and always so encouraging. And from her projects (as you can tell) not too shabby - quite the contrary actually. No matter what images you throw at her, she makes them into master pieces! That, my friends, is talent! Well, thanks for being team mates for a while, and don't be stranger. You know where to find me..I'm sure we'll stay in touch!   

 Now off you to to see Pauline in another part of the world. Looks like you're bouncing between continents...getting dizzy yet? And in case you get lost, here is the full list...
This week's sponsors:
Winner's Choice of 5 Digital Stamps
$10 Gift Certificate
Winner's Choice of 5 Digital Images

I have another doggie for you - this time from Robyn's Fetish - Over do wall puppy.  This is one of my favourite sayings and I thought it suited him perfectly.  There are buttons in the flower centres - and actually the little bone is a shaped button too.

Have fun on the hop!
kitten xx

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

New window

 New look for us this week- we have Robin Theobald's original oil paintings in the window.  They are quite big and take over the whole space

If you would like to hire the indow space for a week - DETAILS HERE

Mind you - I seem to be taking over the whole pavement too!

And a whole section of craft kits for the kiddies

kitten xx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

shop talk

Seriously working to get all the 'odds and ends' of stock listed - so I have spent all weekend getting cracked with the card blanks.

They have their own section - and you will find an assortment of single fold card blanks as well as a few double fold aperture ones.  I have also picked up all sorts of fancier card blanks for you - embossed ones and the most amazing patterned ones which I have split up into sensible quantities for you.

There are loads of bright happy colours for the summer

(( plus some really pretty icy blues and Scandinavian reds Christmas ones))

check them all out here - Card blanks

kitten xx

Sunday, 12 August 2012

New cards

While I was re-organising I found some rally super papers that I had as a printers sample - thought they would make a really diferent wedding and anniversery card.

Really simple - just a bit of glitter - gems etc added

kitten xx

Saturday, 11 August 2012


We have a Continental market in the main street today - loads of stalls with all sorts of goodies.  I treated myself to a French pastry

Bit of a reward for all my hard work yesterday.  We picked up an old hi-fi base unit on Monday at the Age UK warehouse and I painted it grey every night when the shop closed.  Yesterday I had the bookcases stripped off and the new unit put underneath everything.  It has made loads more space - and lifted up the shelves so you can see stuff better.  you need the steps to reach the top 2 shelves - but there is only stock for display there so that's ok.

kitten xx

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Do You Stack Up? Challenge #84 - Anything with 4 legs

Huge prizes for you to win this week - and what a super cute challenge theme we have for you too.

Birdie Brown
* Winner's Choice of 3 Digital Stamps
The Paper Shelter
* $20 Gift Certificate

Bugaboo Stamps
* Winner's Choice of 7 Digis

This darling Pocketable Puppy is from Birdie Brown - a new one for me this - take a peek for yourselves.  Lovely clean crisp images to colour.

You know me - sucker for anything doggie - he made up into just the cutest card.  Everything is set flat - but the shape of the flowers I have stacked up give the front real depth

kitten xx

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Shop talk

Bit chaos in the shop today - yes - but this time it's NOT my fault ;-)

We are having the gas meter taken out - no point keeping it and paying a service charge when we can't have gas!

So the window stuff is out everywhere - and so is all the stuff that is normally out the front - and I am tripping over everything.

Hope it's done soon

kitten xx

Sunday, 5 August 2012

New range

Now that I have space to store and move stuff around I am starting to do a few cards for relatives.  I have never had the opportunity to do this before.  There will only be a few of each - and as with much of my work - once it has sold - it will not be repeated.

So here is one of the first - for a dad

The oval cut shape is a really shiny gold card embossed with the new 'Tickets' folder from the 'Happy Days' range.  It really does make it look like gold bullion bars!  Happy accident

kitten xx

Saturday, 4 August 2012

New Idea

I picked up some wonderful fabric samples a while back and I have been waiting for inspiration as to what to do with them.

And this is it!!!


The Kitten and The Goat - Goodie Bags

Hand stitched and lined bags in luscious fabrics stuffed with all sorts of yummy things. These will all be totally different - with different contents and at different prices. The smaller ones have all sorts of colour co-ordinated embellishments - the larger ones will have a project (or 2) to make and a couple of colour themes to use.

First up is this one - about 14cm square (very approx) - with a bottom pleat so that it is more like a tote - not a flat carrier.  Wonderful Chocolate and gold colours - the darker brown areas are fluffy and there is some wonderful gold thread detailing.  Stuffed full with all the decorative ingredients you see here.
 - all for just £12.50

I am adding them to the website as I go along - and will be shouting out on my shop Facebook page as I complete each one.  I have to stress that these are each unique and will not be repeated when sold - all the fabrics are discontinued now and are just sooo pretty - I will tell you about each one as I list it.   If you see one you like - grab it while you can - when it's gone - it's gone!

 I am really excited about this new project - I have loved making all the bags (sore fingers and all!) and I hope you like them to

kitten xx

Friday, 3 August 2012


What a difference a day makes - lovely bit of Sunshine yesterday.  We got out for our evening stroll along the river for the first time all week.

My Internet has decided to play up - it was running so well too.  Now it's decided that it will only load certain sites.  I can get EBay - but not Amazon (thankfully nothing listed there at the moment) - and I can get my bank but not Pay pal (which I need to pay bills and do my accounts ).  I don't know - it's a blooming nuance.

Today's project is a wall hanging - made from one of the Maya Road Chipboard shape scrapbooks.  It is actually the Gingerbread man shape book- but - why obey the rules.

I covered it all - both sides in a scrapbook paper - then painted round the edge with acrylic paint.  Jusst shows how good these are - I plastered on the paint and it dried with no warping at all

  I found all sorts of co-ordinating bits and bobs and wrote a header.  I left it as Totally Amazing Girl - so it can be used for any age girl's keepsake.

 There are 6 shaped pages in the original book - so I have 3 shapes left to do one for a boy.  Think I will do a different shape - don't like doing things twice
kitten xx