Saturday, 4 August 2012

New Idea

I picked up some wonderful fabric samples a while back and I have been waiting for inspiration as to what to do with them.

And this is it!!!


The Kitten and The Goat - Goodie Bags

Hand stitched and lined bags in luscious fabrics stuffed with all sorts of yummy things. These will all be totally different - with different contents and at different prices. The smaller ones have all sorts of colour co-ordinated embellishments - the larger ones will have a project (or 2) to make and a couple of colour themes to use.

First up is this one - about 14cm square (very approx) - with a bottom pleat so that it is more like a tote - not a flat carrier.  Wonderful Chocolate and gold colours - the darker brown areas are fluffy and there is some wonderful gold thread detailing.  Stuffed full with all the decorative ingredients you see here.
 - all for just £12.50

I am adding them to the website as I go along - and will be shouting out on my shop Facebook page as I complete each one.  I have to stress that these are each unique and will not be repeated when sold - all the fabrics are discontinued now and are just sooo pretty - I will tell you about each one as I list it.   If you see one you like - grab it while you can - when it's gone - it's gone!

 I am really excited about this new project - I have loved making all the bags (sore fingers and all!) and I hope you like them to

kitten xx

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