Friday, 3 August 2012


What a difference a day makes - lovely bit of Sunshine yesterday.  We got out for our evening stroll along the river for the first time all week.

My Internet has decided to play up - it was running so well too.  Now it's decided that it will only load certain sites.  I can get EBay - but not Amazon (thankfully nothing listed there at the moment) - and I can get my bank but not Pay pal (which I need to pay bills and do my accounts ).  I don't know - it's a blooming nuance.

Today's project is a wall hanging - made from one of the Maya Road Chipboard shape scrapbooks.  It is actually the Gingerbread man shape book- but - why obey the rules.

I covered it all - both sides in a scrapbook paper - then painted round the edge with acrylic paint.  Jusst shows how good these are - I plastered on the paint and it dried with no warping at all

  I found all sorts of co-ordinating bits and bobs and wrote a header.  I left it as Totally Amazing Girl - so it can be used for any age girl's keepsake.

 There are 6 shaped pages in the original book - so I have 3 shapes left to do one for a boy.  Think I will do a different shape - don't like doing things twice
kitten xx

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