Thursday, 25 September 2014

shop moving date

Big - Big - Big - BIG NEWS

We finally have a overview of the building works that are going to happen in our shop.

We will not be open all over this weekend to re-dress the shop - so if you were planning to drop by - don't!

Because - on Friday 10th October we get the keys to the shop 2 doors up which has been fully renovated.  Over the following weekend we will be moving the entire shop lock, stock and barrel to set up home there.  We will be in the other place until Christmas - then we will be moving back in to our own all spic and span shiny new shop so that sharr and the health food shop can be done.

WE WILL NOT BE CLOSED - in fact we will gain 2 extra days as we will be trading while we move during that first weekend.

Anyone who is passing by is welcome to come and have a browse - help move a few bits - just stand and laugh! - we would be delited to see you all.

In the mean time - I am putting out the Me to You range now - as well as the Santa's workshop range.

More news as it happens



Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Christmas page

I have finished my page and I have put it in a 12" frame for display

You can't really see all the distressed edges in the frame - must remember to cut the centre panel smaller next time.

There is loads going on in the corners - the only thing I have not piled on is charms and that's only because I wanted to keep it mostly the Tatty Teddy range

The 'rosettes' are part of the range - the hearts are die cut from the 6" matching paper.  Remember - the pattern on 6" papers and 12" papers is exactly the same - just 1/4 smaller in size on the 6".

 I am resisting filling the rest of the corner - but I could!

 There is glitter glue everywhere - and a few background liquid pearls - a sprinkling of pearl dots makes such a huge difference.

When I get a bit more organised I will make you some card samples/


Monday, 22 September 2014

Day Off

Monday is kitten's day off

I have got out of the habit of posting a silly picture on Mondays - this year is proving a very tough one all round nut I must get back to it - they are so much fun


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Me to You Christmas range

Bit of a change to the Journal page today - I have been scrapbooking with this years Me to You Tatty Teddy Christmas range.  It is the first time in my whole life that I have all the bits to match - and I am having a ball!!!

It's a very masculine colour range - and actually usable for loads of other things apart from Christmas.  I am concentrating on building back detail at the moment - there is a card layer under the patterned paper background (both scuffed up and faux stitched) - and in between them there are lengths of lace.  The 2 patterned panels are treated the same way - with more lace tucked in.

Next I built a side detail.  Everything is scuffed and faux stitched - there is a left over scrap of the backing card - matching heart doily - 2 hearts cut from 6" papers - rosette flowers - resin flowers - gems - twine - the red glitter swirl is something that was in my box

more to follow in the week as I build the page.


Friday, 19 September 2014

Nasty People

I had such a horrid thing happen to me the other day, it makes me realize just how split we are here with our low crime rates.  There was a bunch of lads in the town getting rid of fake £20 notes.

This chap asked me for a pot of glue and paid with a dud £20 note - in my tiny little shop - that's so mean.  There is no petty cash or write off - it's money straight out of my pocket. I was a really good girl and handed it into the police with a statement.  Loads of shops and cafes were hit - so it's quite a big investigation.  

My dear hubby says it was a good thing that I hadn't noticed and tackled them - He can't think I would have been polite or restrained about it - and I would have got myself in more trouble!!!

We are so lucky here - I leave my stock on the street while I pop to the shops - we hardly ever lock the car or the house front door (when we manage the lock the door  we forget the French doors!).  It is just horrid to have it happen.


Saturday, 13 September 2014

Saturday Journal page

Fancied something a bit different today- so instead of reaching for my 'Crafty Individuals' stamps - the 'Micheal Powel' box caught my eye.  I so love his pictures - full of all those higgledy piddledy houses - but them I am a bit house mad - who else has Right Move listed as a favorite.

The building stamps are notoriously difficult to use.  There is so much tiny detail - and the stamps are not deep edged.  You do have to be accepting that the image is never going to be crisp and perfect - but I have found a way to get it as good as possible.  I put a foam pricking mat under the page - then I stand on the stamp to get the image!

It does mean that you can be really relaxed about the colouring though - this is one of the light houses


post-bling - make me want to tear it out and use it in a canvas piece

right - while I am on a roll I am going to make up some Tatty Teddy Christmas samples Love

Saturday, 6 September 2014

pokie ball cushion

This is a pattern I have been working on for my son's market stall - do you know just how hard it is to chart a circle on a square grid!!!!  I tried so many times - drawing a circle and trying to fill it in - working from the middle out - working from the edge in.  After loads of messes I ended up using the Mine craft game because they have directions to build circles with their square blocks. 

This is the first knit - I need to add in an extra row each side of the black band because it give the illusion that the circle is squished.  

I was getting very low on the rust colour - the wholesaler has been out of stock this past couple of months so  hope it has not been discontinued (I have just found a super 'fox' scarf that I want to knit it in as Christmas presents).  So I did a contrast flap - like it much better really.


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Saturday Journal - but mid-week

I did do my journal on Saturday - but I spent all day on it.  There is nothing better than tinkering and fiddling about with inks

I have a bottle of masking fluid that has hardly been touched - so I wanted to try that out.  My old mate Barbra Grey raves about it - I much prefer using a Versamark pen and clear embossing - but it does mean that  you can't go back and work with the paper once you have done your top layer.  So I dug out the bottle and set to it.

It was Mintfest (king of a huge street theatre extravaganza) in Kendal so I wanted to do something suitable.  I drew the comedy and tragedy masks and sponges some really strong colours over them

With the page spritzed and dabbed off the colours get a 'spotted' texture and you can see the masking fluid

Now - this is the bit I really struggle with.  My fluid never seems to just peel off neatly - I spent ages cleaning all the masking off - ended up with a rubber going over and over it

Now I can start to doodle.  I rubbed gold stain into the masks, sponged some really bright red spots, and started to doodle.

I shall continue with this and try to over fill the page - and I need to work more on the mask area.

If you are not sure if you have any 'blank' spaces in your piece - photograph it - and add it to your screen.  The screen flattens the image and you get a much better idea of what you peice looks like to everyone else.