Saturday, 13 September 2014

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Fancied something a bit different today- so instead of reaching for my 'Crafty Individuals' stamps - the 'Micheal Powel' box caught my eye.  I so love his pictures - full of all those higgledy piddledy houses - but them I am a bit house mad - who else has Right Move listed as a favorite.

The building stamps are notoriously difficult to use.  There is so much tiny detail - and the stamps are not deep edged.  You do have to be accepting that the image is never going to be crisp and perfect - but I have found a way to get it as good as possible.  I put a foam pricking mat under the page - then I stand on the stamp to get the image!

It does mean that you can be really relaxed about the colouring though - this is one of the light houses


post-bling - make me want to tear it out and use it in a canvas piece

right - while I am on a roll I am going to make up some Tatty Teddy Christmas samples Love

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