Friday, 19 September 2014

Nasty People

I had such a horrid thing happen to me the other day, it makes me realize just how split we are here with our low crime rates.  There was a bunch of lads in the town getting rid of fake £20 notes.

This chap asked me for a pot of glue and paid with a dud £20 note - in my tiny little shop - that's so mean.  There is no petty cash or write off - it's money straight out of my pocket. I was a really good girl and handed it into the police with a statement.  Loads of shops and cafes were hit - so it's quite a big investigation.  

My dear hubby says it was a good thing that I hadn't noticed and tackled them - He can't think I would have been polite or restrained about it - and I would have got myself in more trouble!!!

We are so lucky here - I leave my stock on the street while I pop to the shops - we hardly ever lock the car or the house front door (when we manage the lock the door  we forget the French doors!).  It is just horrid to have it happen.


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