Friday, 31 July 2015

Blog Hop with Personal Impressions

Good Morning

Today we are taking part in our first Personal Impressions blog hop.

Here is my project!

I made this card using Midas Metallic Oriental Moments set 3 from Craft Express

It's a really cool set of 4 pictures - with frames and greetings  - and you get a matching patterned card sheet.

I love Oriental images and these have a bit of a modern twist.  I have used one of the images and layered it over one of the frames which I have filled with the matching card - then used the matching card for the big background.  

My project has been made using products from our Craftexcess website!

1st Prize is £40 voucher
2nd Prize is £25 Voucher
3rd Prize is £15 Voucher

To be in with the chance of winning one of these prizes you need to complete the following:

2. Comment on all the sample makers blogs
4. Leave a comment with them too!
There will be 3 prizes to give to 3 lucky commenter's
Two of the prizes will be picked from 2 of the sample makers blog so be sure to comment on all the blogs.

Below is the blog hop list to follow, we hope you enjoy!

Happy Blog Hopping!


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

New canvas

You would have had this over the weekend - and tyou would have had step-by-step instructions -But I managed to loose all the photos.  Don't ask me how - they were just not there when I downloadsed the camera.

Anyway - I will talk you through it

Tear a thin section of canvas from a roll and scuff up all the edges

The background is all the blues and greens paint I have scrubbed on with a tiny amount of paint and a dry brush or a bit of cloth - keep the paint as little as possible - and don't add any water - you just want it to skim the surface of the canvas

There is a bit of yellow paint in the sky - to give it a bit of depth - then over that I put a big circle of PVA glue and covered it with beadazzle and glitter.

The trees are stamped onto tissue paper and then stuck in place with PVA - I have had the stamp for years - I think it's a Crafty Individuals one but I not sure.

Then I stitched a few lines all over the place, added layers of net over the bottom section and some sequin flowers.

I am really pleased with how it turned out.  


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Patreon account

I have been struggling to write this post for several days - I just don't seem to be able to find the right words - so here goes anyway.

I have just opened a Patreon account for my princesskitten name.  It is still very much in the 'rough' - but I just wanted to show it - and explain the reasons behind my thinking.  Any ideas for improvement will, as always, be welcome. 

I love it when someone drops into the shop 'just to ask - - ',  or 'have you seen - - ',  'how do you do - -', 'is this product - - any good'  even 'I know you will know - - '.  I love to stand and use products that actually work for your crafting - or show you an idea of a new way to use your supplies.  I will show you how to use your inks, or stamps and embossing folders in new ways, or how to knit and crochet - and give you a sheet to show you how to do it to remind you when you get home.  It's all free - all the junk in my head - everything I have learnt over the years of study - all the stuff I can do - all you have to do is ask, and I will share - it will always be free.  I will always be as honest and open as I can, with products - and techniques - the latest trend - the mad ideas - getting you to craft is the only agenda.  Designer labels and expensive gadgets is NOT us.

I have the disadvantage of coping with a degenerative muscle condition that thinks it is going to get the better of me.  Every year I have had to cut back further and further on the stuff I can do.  I do 6 hours in the shop and then I go home to my little flat and knit, sew, make the Posh dog range and generally organize stuff - house work and eating - did I mention that too ;-)

Unfortunately free does not help much towards the rent.  I need people to actually buy stuff - and I work so hard to source products and keep my prices keen.  I have always had my 'tip jar' in the shop - and am always grateful when someone says 'keep the change' - or 'keep the rest for your effort'.  all my tips and gratuities go through the books and get 'declared'.

I have just paid my music PPL - was just over £100 - that's just one licence - you have to have 2 music licences - PRS is the other one - that costs about £70 - so I can have the radio on in the shop.  I did think about cancelling them - but I love having the radio on and I would really miss it.  So I have to pay for 2 licences for it.

I do so much 'free' work - I don't get paid for any of my Personal Impressions or blog work - I get products sent if  I am lucky to test and review - but it's a labor of love.

The 'hidden' costs and obligations of keeping the shop open and staying legal would leave you stunned - and the nit-picky rules that I have to know would make your eyes water - but it's something that I do everyday without thought.

So many people come into the shop and say how rare it is to find a real, proper crafting shop anywhere - and I can only name 2 or 3 others like me in the north.  There is a very good reason for that - bottom line - money is tight.  I can't buy stuff for the shop unless I sell stuff - and unless I sell stuff I can't buy stuff - and all the time I have the rent to find - you get the drift.

If I had a little more cushion I could do more in the way of free pattern give-a-ways - even printer ink costs money!  I could have free downloads on the website (yes - I have to even have to pay every time someone downloads something from my site).

If I could generate an income that would contribute to monthly outgoings - maybe - just maybe - I could get ahead of myself and be here to keep helping you to craft year after year.

Hence my opening a Patreon account and attaching it to my blog and website.  I am hoping that a few of you will think it worthwhile to sponsor me - it only needs to be $1 or so a month.  It is all done through paypal so it's dead easy and totally safe.  Or when you are in the shop - leave me the 20p change - it will all be much appreciated.

Thank you


Monday, 27 July 2015

Day off

Monday is kitten's day off


Friday, 24 July 2015

My fireplace

There is a 'how to do' over on the Personal Impressions blog - how to create this stunning effect.

from this

to this


See my pretty fireplace make over

I re-vamped my fire place - it's sooo cool - check out the Personal Impressions blog for all the details


Monday, 20 July 2015

Bobunny scrapbook page

hop on over to the Personal Impressions blog for a scrapbook layout of my wonderful William


Sunday, 19 July 2015

Just for a laugh

Kitten and Goat are working on a new video for Personal Impressions so I thought I would show you a bit of the rough footage  before I start editing properly

So I give you -

Kitten and Goat do Laurel and Hardy ;-)


Saturday, 18 July 2015

Saturday Journal Page

You can tell when I am a bit under the weather - I keep very quiet.  But I have made the effort to do you a journal page today - and I really enjoyed it.

The aim is to include more pen / marker marks.  I love those scraggy circles and lines that some people doodle - so I am going to try my own.

The inspiration 

one of my parcels from Japan was packed with newspaper.  I think I was as excited by the news print as by the pencils, so this was my starting background.

Colours - I forced myself away from the green - having a really green phase at the moment - and no gold and silver!

It is mostly paints - bit of a spritz with the old Dylusions Fuschia - and a bit of background stamping


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Men's cards with Bo Bunny zip-a-dee-doodle range

Hi all today I have a couple of masculine cards with the fab Bo Bunny Zip-a-dee-doodle papers and embellies.

The  Bo Bunny are just such super quality - every time I use them I rave about them - and this new range is soo cool, several of the designs are great for the guys.

Here are the cards I made - all the details are over on the Personal Impressions blog - save it and check back for more of my work - the other team makers - and fab competitions.


Monday, 13 July 2015

Day off

Monday is Kitten's day off


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Saturday Journal page

I felt like 'faffing' about today - so I did a couple of long pages

This one is all little foliage stamps.  It's ages since I had these stamps out - I used to love creating scenes.  The bench with the cat is a single stamp - then you mask it to create the background trees - and take it off to overlap the foreground plants.

for this one I baby wiped the blue background - then I stamped the dandelion heads onto tissue paper and glued it on top.  The red stains are from a stencil - then I added the wings with viva texture paste.  I made a video of me opening the pot and using the wings stencil to make the image - but I lost it.  I am so cross with myself - I knew it was somewhere - I watched it yesterday - now it's gone.  When the texture paste was dry I put the stencil back over the shape and sprayed with Dylusions Ink Spray.  I love the way the stencil has saved a clean area around the wings.


Friday, 10 July 2015

Painted picture frame display

Today I am going to show you the picture frame I painted to make a padded display.  I wanted to show off the crystal beads - but you could store your jewellery on it.

This is just a standard frame I got at the charity shop for 50p.  I took the back out and re-cycled the glass.  Then I set it on my craft may.  I have given in and got one of these non-stick craft mats - and it's so much better.  Mine is from Woodware - so much cheaper that the Ranger one - but it's exactly the same stuff. (I have them in the shop HERE).

It is quite a fine frame with a pretty detail round the edge.

 I got out the Viva Vintage Chalk Paint - I must say - I do like the paint in a pot so you have somewhere to rest the sponge/brush.  I used the sponge to gently pat the paint over the frame as I wanted to create a surface texture.  I gave it 2 coats in the end as the gold underneath was showing through as a bit green and I wanted a cleaner look.  Then I dabbed over a quick coat of glitter varnish - thie is going to take a bit of wear and I wanted to preserve the paint.

The fabric was a bit creased - so I used my hair straighteners to 'iron' it out a bit - really quick useful tip that!

I used spray adhesive to stick a thick layer of padding to the frame back - then I sprayed a light coat over the top and adhered the fabric.  I did leave a good 2" over the back size so I could wrap the fabric round the frame and secure with double sided tape - just to keep tight.

It is really pretty - and the crystal catches the light and is all sparkly.


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My new canvas project

Over on the Personal Impressions blog you will find my new canvas project.  I have to say - I was dead chuffed with it.  You can easily adapt it to your own style.

See the full project HERE



I don't know about you - but I am bloomin' freezing.  Even the weather man said this morning that it would be wet and cold.  We are well into July and we have only had a handful of hot days.

I am starting in earnest knitting the jumpers for Posh Dog this winter - and I am extending the range to include leads and toys - and hopefully harnesses and accessories for Christmas.

This parcel arrived last evening - doesn't it look sooo yummie

I am going to try to make 2 leads and 2 dog toys a week - as well as 1 dog jumper.  

I do have to alternate between my dog wear and the gaming themed knitting for my son though - I can't keep up with the cushions and plushies at the moment - and as soon as we get an autunm nip in the air - the hats will start flying out again.

I have just created a new retro gaming cushion design for him.

 The pattern is in the shop on line as soon as I have finished the neat chart copy - and available in the real shop of course.

And in answer to your question - no - I never do stop!!!!


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Copic sorting

Nothing better than spending a few hours playing about with your Copics!!!

This is a different way of looking at your Copic colours.  It is more to do with the gray scale number (the last number of the ink colour) and a bit less to do with just picking the 3 or 4 in the same colour family.

It's really clever - and throws up all sorts of new possibilities.  I got mine HERE and I am spending the afternoon colouring in little hexagons (like you do).


Monday, 6 July 2015

Day off

Monday is Kitten's day off

I was named 'kitten' when I adopted my kittens
so for Jaques

we love you


Sunday, 5 July 2015

sad loss

I lost my little cat Saturday night and life is all higgledy-piggledy at the moment.  Little Jaques (Jay-qu-es - not French Jack - from Shakespeare) was the runt of the litter - not fully weaned and had dreadful conjunctivitis in both eyes when he came to me.  He was 17 - always a tiny cat - very neat and tidy in himself - loved being out in the garden but always close to home.  He has been very well - but fragile this past few weeks and I was aware that something was up.  I am glad for him that he spent his last late night in sharing supper with hubby when he got in after a wedding gig on Saturday night.  Jaques must have died in the night and we found him on Sunday morning.

He is buried with his brother's ashes in the garden that he loved to chase the mice in after living a very contented and happy life


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

New bible journal pages

I am not at full form at the moment.  I was so tired and sore last week it's going to take a while for me to shake it off and get back to top form.  I have done a couple of journal pages but I am not really thrilled with them.

I don't like this one - the background is too black - and I should have drawn the brain (it's hidden under the vellum tab) at least twice the size - need to think bigger - B-I-G-G-E-R.

I am a bit happier with this one.  Sometimes it takes someone to say - why not ---- - for the light bulb to come on.  I have sewn on cards and scrapbook pages for year - why not sew in my journal too!  This is from a Memory Keepers stitching stencil that is donkeys years old - and I love the technique of applying paint to your page with a credit card.  the dots are gold glitter peel off dots

If you use the edge of a credit card to apply paint you get a really thin - almost translucent 'swipe' of paint on the page.

So now I can get all the rubbish out of my system and get back to being on form again