Sunday, 31 August 2008


Couple more holiday pics - guys on the beach

well, I have scrubbed and painted, washed and tidied, emptied cupboards and cleared out stuff.

Can't believe how well I am at the moment

I have not been this well for at least 2 years - probably more. I know I should probably 'pace' myself, but I really want to get the place a bit clean and sorted before I fall apart again.

I can't believe that 4 weeks ago I needed a walking stick to get about and now I am bouncing about like a spring chicken - no wonder that they can't work out what this illness does and how to treat it. I want to give the kitchen a serious freshen up and deep clean, and I am itching to repaint and scrub out the hall ways and stairs. There are some really yummy new paint colours about - really fancy some pinks I have seen. No - the guys won't mind - well they won't know until I have painted it on the walls will they???

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Hi y'all - I am back!!

We have had the most wonderful time (well the dogs and I have - princelet never took his nose out of his x-Box game!)

Just to prove the guys were having fun.

They really love it.

The kitchen floor is covered with heaps of washing, and the house and garden is yucky (house work is a foreign land to the old goat). Why does everything seem so dull and grotty after a spell away?

Going to have a blitz over the week-end and hit the bench with 'renewed vigor' on Monday.

Thursday, 21 August 2008


Princelet, the guys and I are going on our holiday!!!
We shall be away until the 2nd of September.
See you back here then, with all sorts of stuff and mischief!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I am going to do a set of my new fold cards with nursery rhymes on them. I will have to did out some 'cutie' papers and embellishments. I love nursery rhymes - brings out the soppy mummy bit.
My health is still quite good - I went to my ostio today and she could not believe it. I am getting a bit over tired - mainly because I can't sleep at nights. I keep waking up at 1o'c and can't get back to sleep - it's so boring. Away for a good rest next week, so we will see what happens.
The scrapbook sketches are all up to date for while I am away so you have no excuse!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


It has been raining today, so I have been a good Bunnie and been 'working' in my office.
This is a favourite card fold of mine - it is made from an A4 sheet of card. Cut in half to A5 size - fold 1 piece to A6, and fold the front edge back to the fold line - then take you other A5 score it in half, then each side in half - and join the last of this piece over the folded back flap of you A6 card.

It makes sense - trust me I'm a designer! You end up with an A6 card back with several accordion pages on the left side. It is great for scribing a verse, and you can decorate the 3 small fronts, leaving the 2 small back blank.

It is a while since I sat and scribed - probably shows! But I love this poem (In a garden), and you can dress it up with all sorts of flowery stuff.

Monday, 18 August 2008


I have been playing around with paper sizes.

This is something I saw done with a 12" card square - which made a 6" card. Great, I thought, but too big. Most modern gift vouchers are credit card types that you can add to and spend from, so you need a smallish pocket - or just tuck some money in instead. And this will take you gift and make it special.

This card is made from an 8" square of double sided card, cut and folded so both sides of the pattern show on the front to create 2 pockets. I have made a co-ordinating tag, and tucked it in to the smaller pocket. You can write on the tag as well as inside the card

Sunday, 17 August 2008


This has been the most amazing weekend. I HAVE BEEN WELL! Bit scary, I know, poor little (little??) princelet did not know what hit him. Don't know how / why / what / happened - but I woke up Saturday, dropped the old goat off at his gig for the day, woke up princelet, and have not stopped since!

There is a proper essay in my blog click here

And appoligies for no crafting this week end!

Friday, 15 August 2008

Bit pushed this week. The Church Warden is very poorly - as in really, really poorly, so I am covering the office for 3 mornings this week. Anything to be of use - that's all one can do really: be there to do the 'daily' stuff and give breathing space. And ask you all to send a healing prayer with St George's in mind this week.

Had the most brilliant idea. you know that you can put photos - music - even films on to a CD now? - well, what you need is a really, really, gorgeous(!) envelope thingies so you can make a real gift of it.

Isn't that just brilliant???

Worked it out all by myself too.
It would be a wonderful idea to have discs of wedding photos to send out to every body - have you seen what the photographers charge?

Any CD you make needs care and this just lifts it to 'something special'.

Thursday, 14 August 2008


I have learnt quite a lot fiddling about today. I can make all the links here work to my site (and from there to here), I can add pictures directly from my computer - I was worried I would have to go through Photo bucket, and that is such a fiddle. I can add all the older posts and change the dates - so that looks good too. I have been adding bits to the sides, which is fun. Not yet worked out how to change the bright pink of the very background to a softer colour - but I am working on it - suggestions welcome. Henry thinks it's great because he has snuggled in my lap all after noon.

One tiny little problem - NO CRAFTING DONE!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

New Home page

Welcome to all of you that are joining me from my website. This is all new to me - so bear with me while I fiddle about. I hope to gradually add all my back posts, but at the moment I am not sure how to make all the links etc work.

Fidget is upside down on my lap, tucked up in his blanket, fast asleep - what more is there?

Anyway, this is a first test piece.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Almost stopped raining today - well, almost.

Sent a pack of cards to another shop (fingers crossed all) and there is a chap coming to see us tomorrow about finding us new places to get in to - seems quite keen on my stuff (so old goat is niggled!!)

I have posted a new book review. Bought this book a couple of years ago because W H Smith's had a load of half price offers (book for a couple of quid - that's me!). Could never quite bring myself to read a book about . . .

Sunday, 10 August 2008

I am sooo fed up - I was really looking forward to spending the week-end on the stall. The rain has been non stop: now, I don't mind spending the week in bed to recover - but I can't risk loosing all the stock in the wet. So I haven't put my nose out the door.
I have a new origami fold and it is fantastic for abstract pattern papers. Made up half-a-doz cards (
SHOP-CARDS-SCAVENGERS), and I picked up some great hunting themed toppers which I have made up and put in the SHOP-CARD-CALLIGRAPHY.
Have to admit my heart is not really in it today, everyone has 'off'' days, even when you love what you do!!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

I am at home today - there is NO way I am going to stand in a field in this weather. It has been a fairly quiet week really - all the stall holders are saying that it's much slower that the last few years. Don't know if it is the weather keeping folk away - or they are just keeping their purses closed.
Got my parcel from this morning, so I am dying to get back to my bench for a play.
Got a new origami fold to play with - and if this rain keeps up there is no way will I go out tomorrow so will have to think of something to keep busy - ummm - ummm - ummm.
August 4th - I am at Bowness, on the Glebe, this afternoon - possibly Tuesday - Friday and Sunday. So drop by and say Hi if you are about.
It does mean that I won't be about in here much - I will keep the shop up to date, post here and pick up messages - but there won't be much new going on at my desk (now you know why I do so much during the winter months!). Just hope the weather holds.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Such bad news - Julie over at Scrapbooking Castle is giving up.

I LOVE rummaging in her 'bargain' section every so often, and she had some really unusual picture papers. Anyway she is selling off the remaining stock at half price - YES, ALL HALF PRICE - so get in there and grab a bargain or two!!

Going to miss you hunni - good luck with what ever you do next.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Have been scrap booking today and getting my hand in again. It's true that you have to keep doing something to improve at it.

Finished the pages I was working on. Trying out a more 'minimal' look with them - would be glad to know what you all think.