Sunday, 5 July 2015

sad loss

I lost my little cat Saturday night and life is all higgledy-piggledy at the moment.  Little Jaques (Jay-qu-es - not French Jack - from Shakespeare) was the runt of the litter - not fully weaned and had dreadful conjunctivitis in both eyes when he came to me.  He was 17 - always a tiny cat - very neat and tidy in himself - loved being out in the garden but always close to home.  He has been very well - but fragile this past few weeks and I was aware that something was up.  I am glad for him that he spent his last late night in sharing supper with hubby when he got in after a wedding gig on Saturday night.  Jaques must have died in the night and we found him on Sunday morning.

He is buried with his brother's ashes in the garden that he loved to chase the mice in after living a very contented and happy life


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