Sunday, 30 September 2012


cor - I am so glad I scrapped the Prom this month - chance of rain??? - you should see it out there!

kitten xx

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Art on the Prom

sorry all - we will not be at the Prom in Grange-over-sands for the show tomorrow - the forecast is cold and probable rain and as I have just got over a stinking cold the old goat says it's not a good idea to go and get poorly all over again.

We are booked for next year though - so we will be back in April to a glorious spring day and we will see you all then

kitten xx

Friday, 28 September 2012

New inking

I have been to class with Ester again - soo love your classes thank you so much xx

This is the pink and blue one finished (I did not get to add all the bling in class)
 it is using the Peakcock Blue form the summer collection with Worn Lipstick 

and this is sitting on the shop bench - all the customers love this one

The green is actually Mown Grass from the Summer Collection - and the grey is Iced Spruce form the winter collection

See you in November Ester - we have told her we want to do Christmas tree decorations!!!!

kitten xx

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Do You Stack Up? Challenge blog - #91 Scallop

* Winner's Choice of 4 Images

*$15 Gift Certificate for Digis

* $15 Gift Certificate on Cutting Files or Digis

I just love multi panel images - they are so much fun.  Mind you - I am messing about with the digis again.  I thought I would make a darling set of notecards each using one of the images

This darling little hedgehog panel is from Little Claire's Designs - I cut each section with a tiny border and mounted it on a scalloped edge pattern paper.  The cards are only A7 - I finally managed to get a wholesale supplier of this size envelopes - so you will be seeing a lot more of them.

I finished these - then I had a really wicked idea - and you know me - once I have thought of something - I have to get it out and over with or it bugs me for ages

So I made another card - this time making the image really large and using just one panel - and a really wicked phrase that popped into my head ;-)

kitten xx

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New work

Quickie little look at what the old goat is up to for me

He is drawing fairies - but not your normal cutsie little ones - oh no - not him - these fairies are very much grown up girlies!!!!

I hope to upgrage the website over the winter months and offer down loads.  So we are starting now to build a range of fairies and mythical beasts with a bit of pizzazz

Comments anyone?

kitten xx

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Shop Talk

ok - so this may not seem to be the most exciting post in the whole wide world


- what do you use most - ((( with out even thinking about it being there???? )))

- the good old basics

- double sided tape - - - craft glue - - foam pads

- the good old work horses that really put our cards together

- the shop is now 'topped up' with all the solid practical stuff that we all need to make our projects really fly

- sooooooooo

- before we start to really get our heads around ((christmas))) - let's get the basics sorted

- make sure you have loads of double sided tape - pva craft glue

- and just before you think kitten has lost the plot - -

- lots of stickles glitter glues have also been added ;-x

And - I don't know what you lot are doing with all the fine liner bottles - but I have just had 30 more delivered - get through that lot ;-)

ps - new Devine Twine colours on order - direct from the USA - hoping for November delivery

AND - 'hairy string' - OMG - you have so gotta see this one - coming soon

kitten xx

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Hi all - working today.

I have a huge order of wedding favours to get sorted,

I haden't realised how moch it had taken over everything - so I am in now to catch up and clear the decks for next week

 There is a wedding fair in the Westmoreland Shopping Center across the way - and the old goat is there promoting his quick portraits at parties - so I might as well be here and working rather than at home alone

There is a magician and lovely flowers - really pretty cakes - all sorts.  We didn't have anything like that when we got married - just the church and lunch out - don't think I could be doing with all the other paraphernalia - I don't like huge fusses..

Anyway - here we are catching up.

kitten xx

Friday, 21 September 2012

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Do You Stack Up? Challenge blog - #90 wave the flag

* Winner's Choice of 4 Images

* Winner's Choice of 3 Digis

* Winner's Choice of 3 Digis

This is Jungle Queen from My Heart pieces - bit different from all the manga looking stuff - much lighter and sketchier (is that a word?).  I did not want to use my copics on the image as I thought I would loose all the little tiny flowers detail.  I actually just loosly shaded it with Distress Ink - watered and a paint brush - then all the flowers are gone over with Stardust pens - so it is really sparkly in the details.

I still somehow managed to go totally over the top again though!!!!

kitten xx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I must be feeling better - I had this bright idea that I would re-decorate the little vestibule in the flat.  I have a funny little hall space right in the middle of the flat where all the rooms come out from.  It's ok - bit boring plain dead space really.  I just thought I would jazz it up a bit.

At the moment it is cream over woodchip.
There is not much wall space really - there are 4 doors!
I have a nice warm cream paint (more butterscotch) for them - and I thought I would do the skirting and surrounds with the same gold paint that I have used in the living room.

 For the walls - I freeganed an old wallpaper sample book with some wonderful kind of Arabesque looking exotic patterns and I bought some jewel like turquoise/jade paint.  I have this vague idea of using the samples like patches of - well - pictures - sort of.

Trouble is the woodchip has to come off first - and it's about 3 layers of wall paper - tons of layers of paint.  It's going to  be a real battle

It's going to take me forever!!!

kitten xx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Shop talk

We have the young photographer Damian Kane back with us this week.  He has been away to Scotland on holiday abd has come back with some amazing seascapes

Most of his pictures are in this long format - I just love this shape - I have no idea if he takes a huge square photograph and just used the middle - or several and joins them together.

The one below is Langdales, in the Lake District - all that open countryside - nothing in sight.  It is really like that up here - beautiful.

He has also left me a pile of cards made with his photographs to clear for him - images we have not seen here before - lots of darling animals - the cutest otters ever!  All at just £1

So do stop by and have a look

kitten xx

Friday, 14 September 2012

Another of hubby's

Last one this week - there is a whole stack - but I won't bore you!

Catastrophic world event as a tornado destroys a city - I must point out that these are all way pre 9/11 - tottaly no connection

Detail of the city being lifted up

And this is the wind curl above the city

He just does not get the tine to do this sort of work these days - it takes hours and hours of concentration

I am hoping to dig out some of his colour space work for later in the year - totally different again - but much more the stuff you would expect from him

kitten xx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

More of hubby

Today we have a lady in an alien garden

It is a little bigger than yesterdays - A2 perhaps?

Just look at the detail on that bush - see all the little spiders?

And the rock face - full of little nooks and carnies 

kitten xx

Do You Stack Up? Challenge blog - #102

kitten xx

Do You Stack Up? Challenge #89 - Kraft and Twine

* $15 Store Credit

* Winner's Choice of 4 Images

* Winner's Choice of 3 Images

I had a super cutie little stamp from Inspired Stamps.  It is so good that there is somewhere that does religious and bible themed stamps.  They have some really pretty ones - beautiful quotes - and they are lovely to use (trust me - I am not a great stamper and there really are super).  And they have a money off code from September 1st to September 10th!!

kitten xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hubby's work

The goat has the window to himself all week - each day I will feature a different pen and ink work of his.

These are huge - the detail is just amazing

Today's is a sort of alien planet landscape

You can see just how big they are - takes the whole space

loads of craggy rocks and mountains

There is even 2 people in there - bear in mind that the white has to be left white for this effect - the background has to be created without damaging the white space (and no pencil lines!!!!) - one wrong pen stroke and bang goes the scene

So many tiny, tiny ink marks make this up - hours and hours of work

New one tomorrow

kitten xx

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

shop talk

 Well it's Tuesday again

 -  first day of the week to be back to work ( yeeeeee haaaa - can't wait - what is going to happen this week)

- and it's our regular update of what's happening in the shop.  you may get all excited about this one - - - or you may want to put your fingers in your ears! 

Christmas starts to arrive this week :-)  (scary isn't it!)

Well - people keep asking!!!! - - - so not my fault - everything I do is for you ;-X

Sooooooo - huge order of 12" scrapbooking papers - stamps and bling arriving from one supplier mid week  -  another order of kits and smaller 6" papers arriving any day - starting to put together a Divine Twine order ( so shout out if you want a whole spool!!!!! - order going  in end of the month for November delivery!!!!)

- Maya Road chipboard albums and key chains are already in

- the gem colours - working on that order - with some new toppers coming as well

- loads of new alterables - bags - purses - wood items - all on the way

- as well as big packs of card blanks - white - red - green - gold  - silver - patterned

so - SHOUT OUT if there is anything that you would like me to add to the shop stock - if you want me to get you anything special - just contact me.  I can supply Spellbinders - dreamweaver - Ranger (Tim Holtz) - sizzex - Martha Stewart - gorjuss - woodware -  all to order

so - get your thinking caps on - just what do you NEED to make your Christmas projects

- and just what do you WANT for Crimbo?

Kitten can help

kitten xx

Saturday, 8 September 2012


It's been such a different feel in the town this week with all the kids going back to school.  The streets are full at 8am with them all setting out to walk to school - skateboards and scooters are everywhere - I am not used to all that!!!!!

What I SHOULD be doing is working on 100 white favor boxes - what I AM doing is editing a knitting pattern with a friend who is 300 miles away - good old internet ;-)

I am working on a new idea of  little knitting kits - the first being Christmas stockings and mittens - just you wait.

We have also had the electrician in yesterday to put the strip spots in the front window - huge difference looks great.

Right - off the walk home now - the goat is away for the weekend at a wedding

kitten xx

Friday, 7 September 2012


Hi all - so sorry my posting has been a bit patchy - I am just soooo busy.  I have put my little net book into the repair shop to have a new screen put in so I can't work in the evenings.  I am really tired from the past couple of weeks work load - and there is so much in the pipeline for the next couple of months I am frantically flapping away to keep up!

I had to replace a display stand after our little flood last week so I picked up a tall metal one 

Dead chuffed with it - it fits in perfectly - and the goat made a shelf to go on the bottom of the stand for the trays I keep the card blanks in - with that and the stuff on the floor - not an inch wasted ;-)

kitten xx

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Do You Stack Up? #88 - Birthday


The Stamps of Life
* Winner's Choice of 2 Stamp Sets

I had a fantastic Stamps For Life set - Swirls2build - thank you all so much.

The set is all separate swirls - curls - and dots - great fun

I also have one of those huge acrylic blocks that are the rage at the moment

so - I used all the swirls spaced out on the block

Then I drew over each swirl with my Versamark pen and added holographic embossing powder - loads of gold dots - few gems

And I made up my background as a card.

I can see me using the big swirl loads on my media work - I love swirls

kitten xx