Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Shop Talk

ok - so this may not seem to be the most exciting post in the whole wide world


- what do you use most - ((( with out even thinking about it being there???? )))

- the good old basics

- double sided tape - - - craft glue - - foam pads

- the good old work horses that really put our cards together

- the shop is now 'topped up' with all the solid practical stuff that we all need to make our projects really fly

- sooooooooo

- before we start to really get our heads around ((christmas))) - let's get the basics sorted

- make sure you have loads of double sided tape - pva craft glue

- and just before you think kitten has lost the plot - -

- lots of stickles glitter glues have also been added ;-x

And - I don't know what you lot are doing with all the fine liner bottles - but I have just had 30 more delivered - get through that lot ;-)

ps - new Devine Twine colours on order - direct from the USA - hoping for November delivery

AND - 'hairy string' - OMG - you have so gotta see this one - coming soon

kitten xx

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