Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I must be feeling better - I had this bright idea that I would re-decorate the little vestibule in the flat.  I have a funny little hall space right in the middle of the flat where all the rooms come out from.  It's ok - bit boring plain dead space really.  I just thought I would jazz it up a bit.

At the moment it is cream over woodchip.
There is not much wall space really - there are 4 doors!
I have a nice warm cream paint (more butterscotch) for them - and I thought I would do the skirting and surrounds with the same gold paint that I have used in the living room.

 For the walls - I freeganed an old wallpaper sample book with some wonderful kind of Arabesque looking exotic patterns and I bought some jewel like turquoise/jade paint.  I have this vague idea of using the samples like patches of - well - pictures - sort of.

Trouble is the woodchip has to come off first - and it's about 3 layers of wall paper - tons of layers of paint.  It's going to  be a real battle

It's going to take me forever!!!

kitten xx

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