Friday, 10 July 2015

Painted picture frame display

Today I am going to show you the picture frame I painted to make a padded display.  I wanted to show off the crystal beads - but you could store your jewellery on it.

This is just a standard frame I got at the charity shop for 50p.  I took the back out and re-cycled the glass.  Then I set it on my craft may.  I have given in and got one of these non-stick craft mats - and it's so much better.  Mine is from Woodware - so much cheaper that the Ranger one - but it's exactly the same stuff. (I have them in the shop HERE).

It is quite a fine frame with a pretty detail round the edge.

 I got out the Viva Vintage Chalk Paint - I must say - I do like the paint in a pot so you have somewhere to rest the sponge/brush.  I used the sponge to gently pat the paint over the frame as I wanted to create a surface texture.  I gave it 2 coats in the end as the gold underneath was showing through as a bit green and I wanted a cleaner look.  Then I dabbed over a quick coat of glitter varnish - thie is going to take a bit of wear and I wanted to preserve the paint.

The fabric was a bit creased - so I used my hair straighteners to 'iron' it out a bit - really quick useful tip that!

I used spray adhesive to stick a thick layer of padding to the frame back - then I sprayed a light coat over the top and adhered the fabric.  I did leave a good 2" over the back size so I could wrap the fabric round the frame and secure with double sided tape - just to keep tight.

It is really pretty - and the crystal catches the light and is all sparkly.


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