Sunday, 12 July 2015

Saturday Journal page

I felt like 'faffing' about today - so I did a couple of long pages

This one is all little foliage stamps.  It's ages since I had these stamps out - I used to love creating scenes.  The bench with the cat is a single stamp - then you mask it to create the background trees - and take it off to overlap the foreground plants.

for this one I baby wiped the blue background - then I stamped the dandelion heads onto tissue paper and glued it on top.  The red stains are from a stencil - then I added the wings with viva texture paste.  I made a video of me opening the pot and using the wings stencil to make the image - but I lost it.  I am so cross with myself - I knew it was somewhere - I watched it yesterday - now it's gone.  When the texture paste was dry I put the stencil back over the shape and sprayed with Dylusions Ink Spray.  I love the way the stencil has saved a clean area around the wings.


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