Wednesday, 29 July 2015

New canvas

You would have had this over the weekend - and tyou would have had step-by-step instructions -But I managed to loose all the photos.  Don't ask me how - they were just not there when I downloadsed the camera.

Anyway - I will talk you through it

Tear a thin section of canvas from a roll and scuff up all the edges

The background is all the blues and greens paint I have scrubbed on with a tiny amount of paint and a dry brush or a bit of cloth - keep the paint as little as possible - and don't add any water - you just want it to skim the surface of the canvas

There is a bit of yellow paint in the sky - to give it a bit of depth - then over that I put a big circle of PVA glue and covered it with beadazzle and glitter.

The trees are stamped onto tissue paper and then stuck in place with PVA - I have had the stamp for years - I think it's a Crafty Individuals one but I not sure.

Then I stitched a few lines all over the place, added layers of net over the bottom section and some sequin flowers.

I am really pleased with how it turned out.  


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