Saturday, 6 September 2014

pokie ball cushion

This is a pattern I have been working on for my son's market stall - do you know just how hard it is to chart a circle on a square grid!!!!  I tried so many times - drawing a circle and trying to fill it in - working from the middle out - working from the edge in.  After loads of messes I ended up using the Mine craft game because they have directions to build circles with their square blocks. 

This is the first knit - I need to add in an extra row each side of the black band because it give the illusion that the circle is squished.  

I was getting very low on the rust colour - the wholesaler has been out of stock this past couple of months so  hope it has not been discontinued (I have just found a super 'fox' scarf that I want to knit it in as Christmas presents).  So I did a contrast flap - like it much better really.


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