Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Saturday Journal - but mid-week

I did do my journal on Saturday - but I spent all day on it.  There is nothing better than tinkering and fiddling about with inks

I have a bottle of masking fluid that has hardly been touched - so I wanted to try that out.  My old mate Barbra Grey raves about it - I much prefer using a Versamark pen and clear embossing - but it does mean that  you can't go back and work with the paper once you have done your top layer.  So I dug out the bottle and set to it.

It was Mintfest (king of a huge street theatre extravaganza) in Kendal so I wanted to do something suitable.  I drew the comedy and tragedy masks and sponges some really strong colours over them

With the page spritzed and dabbed off the colours get a 'spotted' texture and you can see the masking fluid

Now - this is the bit I really struggle with.  My fluid never seems to just peel off neatly - I spent ages cleaning all the masking off - ended up with a rubber going over and over it

Now I can start to doodle.  I rubbed gold stain into the masks, sponged some really bright red spots, and started to doodle.

I shall continue with this and try to over fill the page - and I need to work more on the mask area.

If you are not sure if you have any 'blank' spaces in your piece - photograph it - and add it to your screen.  The screen flattens the image and you get a much better idea of what you peice looks like to everyone else.


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  1. Love it! Sorry we missed Mintfest - lots going on here! The doodly bits really make your main image stand out! Chrisx


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