Thursday, 25 September 2014

shop moving date

Big - Big - Big - BIG NEWS

We finally have a overview of the building works that are going to happen in our shop.

We will not be open all over this weekend to re-dress the shop - so if you were planning to drop by - don't!

Because - on Friday 10th October we get the keys to the shop 2 doors up which has been fully renovated.  Over the following weekend we will be moving the entire shop lock, stock and barrel to set up home there.  We will be in the other place until Christmas - then we will be moving back in to our own all spic and span shiny new shop so that sharr and the health food shop can be done.

WE WILL NOT BE CLOSED - in fact we will gain 2 extra days as we will be trading while we move during that first weekend.

Anyone who is passing by is welcome to come and have a browse - help move a few bits - just stand and laugh! - we would be delited to see you all.

In the mean time - I am putting out the Me to You range now - as well as the Santa's workshop range.

More news as it happens



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