Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Shop talk

I have got such a treat for you guys!

I have managed to get hold of some Mavey La Plume alcoholic ink markers as an amazing price.

Alcohol based markers like Copics and Marvy LePlume Permanent provide a unique experience for illustrators and paper crafters. They are permanent, even on non-porous surfaces like glass, plastic and metal. Both brands are interchangable, blendable and have similar quality ink. Copics can be refilled and the tips can be replaced when damaged or worn out, while Marvy Alcohol Markers (Le Plume Permanent) are considered disposable. Copic Sketch markers come with two tips, a medium broad tip and a brush tip. Marvy recognized that most paper crafters generally only use the brush tip and by offering their single brush tip solution have been able offer their pens at a great savings. The brush tip has a slightly different feel and seems to naturally hold more ink so it takes less time to saturate your paper.  The difference is very slight and barely noticable once you use the marvys for a couple minutes.

After mixing these two brands quite a lot we've seen no damage to the tips of either brand and they seem to blend as seamlessly as just using Copics alone. We've also noticed that a Copic nib is not more likely to become stained from Marvy LePlume Permanent inks than it is a similar color of Copic marker. Mixing colors on non-porous surfaces or coated papers is the most common way to discolor a pen nib on either brand. If you do this, scribble with the pen until the original color is restored.

I have had my sticky mits on them and used them and they are really lovely.  at this price it's a great way to grow your stash - or take your first steps without the huge cost

as always - I am going to list them individually (normally come in bigger sets) - but for you - just £2 each. In the SHOP - IN THE PENS AND PAINT SECTION PS - I only have 2 of each colour at the moment - if you like them I will get more.


kitten xx

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