Thursday, 30 August 2012

Do You Stack Up? # 87 - Back to school

Don't know about where you are - but the poor kiddies are actually desperate to get back to school round here.  You can count the number of fine days we have had on one hand and they are sooo fed up with nothing to do.  It is brewing up for a thunder storm as I type - my little dog is on my lap all of a-quiver!

Can You Digi It
* $10 Gift Certificate

My Heart Pieces
* Winner's Choice of 3 Digis

Melonheadz Illustrating
* $15 Gift Certificate

I used 2 images from MelonHeads to create this fun scene.  I wanted to keep to plain bright colours so it's all very simple colouring.  The bunting is raised on foam pads which give a great look

Sooo sorry all - very stressed here - I should have added the card!!!!!!

kitten xx


  1. Ah what a great card- i was already wondering what happened to your brilliant school house! The banner is fabulous and the calligraphy amazing as usual! :) love your shop's button!

  2. Great card Pandy!! So funny, I left a comment on your recent post thinking it was the one for DYSU LOL!!!




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