Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday and working!!!

It's been a stressful week one way and another in kitten's world this week.  I have had a chill from getting wet at Grange last weekend - a water leak - a bailiffs letter (nothing to do with me though!) - it's been so cold I have had the heating on (in August - Mad) - problems with utilities - problems with suppliers - it's the town's annual shindig this weekend - and I am not sleeping well!  I am sat here on Sunday morning at 8.30am trying to catch up a bit.  I am going to be open today because we will have so many visitors to the town again today - I am hoping to spread the word about our wonderful shop.

I did get a few cards done - needed to save my sanity ;-)

Back - to - School type.  Poor kiddies they have had a rotten holiday - the ones I talk to are desperate to get back to school for something to do

kitten xx

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  1. Great cards Pandy!! It will be a great cheer up card for any kid ;)

    I hope everything turned out OK. It's funny.. on your end you are spending a lot to get warm and the same on my end but to have a break from the heat. It's been a very very hot and humid summer in here and as I see fall will be hot too.

    Have a great week!! Hugs, Joan


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