Friday, 24 August 2012

How to

Quick little 'How to' for you.

Misting is all the rage at the moment - how pricey are those bottles!!!! - Make your own mist

Load up your H2Os pot with water

let it stand for a few minutes and mix up well

When you get a nice creamy mix - use a paint brush to put a bit into a mini mister - 4 - 5 brush fulls should do it.

Add more water - yes - more - trust me on this.  H2Os is a solid block of pigment colour and will take all this watering down and still be a good colour and sparkle

Give the bottle a really good shake - and spritz. - keep shaking and spritzing as you like.  Let the first coat dry and spray over for a more textured effect.  Keep the caps on the mini mister tightly and the mist will stay usable for ages - all it needs is a good shake.

Now how much money have I saved you

Little H2Os paint pots only £2 each in the SHOP


kitten xx

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