Saturday, 6 February 2010


Well Thomas cat is fine, all bright and bouncy - I gave him a good comb through today - he loves being groomed - especially his face and whiskers. He is so fit and well (apart from his lump) - it all seems a bad dream.
Me? - big fibro flare.
I have been tinkering with decoupage at the bench to keep me occupied (don't have to think too much, but still can make something). I have decided to make up and clear all the decoupage I have collected - my studies are taking me in a different direction. I will still do a batch of Jolly Nation ones for the dog shows every year - they always sell out - but the other bits that I have picked up will get made up and listed on the site for use. Got a few really cute Gothic fairies - will show you tomorrow when I get the main comp running tomorrow (no pickies on the laptop - I am in bed crashed out).
See - I am like Winston Churchil - he used to stay in bed to work and have all his ministers visit him
kitten xx

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