Saturday, 13 February 2010


Well, Thomas cat's lump is very visible now - I recon it has doubled in size in - what, 10 days or so? Tom is absolutely fine - loving the kitten nibbles I go him to keep his calories up and judging but the scampering about noises in the night - it's not slowing him down either. ((((Small wee problem though - he has always been 'hit and miss', but now he is more miss that hit - if you get me. Poor old goat - the studio smells a bit like a hamster cage. Never mind the spring weather is on it's way and we can get the windows open in the afternoons. We can get a new carpet later)))))

MEANWHILE - back in the office

I have been finishing of a huge batch of kiddies age cards. The stamps are Woodware - coloured with Copics. I have now done enough for the year to sell on the stall.

And - of course I can always do one with the kiddies FAVORITE animal ( I know how fussy they can be) - with the correct age - and the colour theme you like

I have added a new section in the shop for 'Age' cards - for these, and the candle ones I do to. Must come up with a 21 'key' one as well! Is it still OK to have 21 as the 'key of the door' - or is all that stuff old hat now?

kitten xx

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