Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Little poem to share with you today - it was written by George, our craft teacher Barbara's husband
The Card Maker's Lament
Cutting, embossing, glitter and glue
There's only so much that a person can do.
Folding it correctly, getting it square,
Measuring, measuring, taking great care.
If it's not tidy then Barbara will be cross,
But just at this moment I don't give a toss.
Still there are times when it works
and I make a good card
After all, it's a hobby
it shouldn't be hard.
So pass me the scissors
And wipe off the glue
I'll roll up my sleeves
And see what I can do.
I do like the company
The sandwiches too
And it isn't too long
From eleven till two.
So, I'll put in more effort
And maybe ONE day
Barbara might say "Well done",
Oh, Hip-Hip-Hooray
kitten xx

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