Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Shop Talk

I am so sorry abut the lack of posts - I am still without internet at the shop.  The new system 'should' go live on Thursday and we should be back to normal.

It's driving me nuts I can tell you!!!

There is so much going on in the shop, at home - and with the old goat and I can't shout it out.  It takes me about 40 mins on the dongle just to pick up my emails - Facebook etc are totally out of the question and the shop stock is all way out.

I have a new knitting kit - the cutest little owl - 'Owl be your friend' - very rustic.

The Christmas stock is doing well - the suncatchers are flying out the door - and there is only 1 each of the Maya Road Tree shape and Gingerbread man shape chipboard books - no more until next Christmas folks.

The new Devine Twine colours should hit customs and day now - so excited - there is a Christmas mix of red / green / white which should be fab.  AND I only have 3 bundles of Cherry left - so it will be just in time.  There are 2 spools of that coming as well.
kitten xx

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