Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday - I'm working!

Sunday I have spent pottering about - I had to drop in on the shop.  Just when you think the week has just about thrown everything it had at you - there was water debris about the shop floor?  We have a really heavy hail/snow storm and I think the gutters must of over flowed.  So that just about rounded off a very muddled week

oh - and Hen-pen has a touch of kennel Cough - had to go to the chemists for some Calcough bless him (he just licks it out of the palm of my hand).

Anyway - pottering about on the Internet and catching up on stuff - I have found a super cool new site with loads of free designs and patterns.

I was looking for some knitting patterns for dollies.  I have been asked to knit two Christmas dresses for dollies (how much fun is that ;-) ), and I found a super little shift dress with a bit of fair Isle pattern on the bottom.  I can't wait to get back to work on Tuesday and start them!

Also - just the funniest thing - I have had 4 or 5 enquiries for bead stringing this past week.  Bit of Deja vu going on here - I spent 15 years working in the jewellery trade - in the shop - in the office - window dressing - book keeping - on the workshop bench - and - spooky - I was pearl stringing for about 6 years.  At the time that Princess Diana was wearing her big 3 row fitted pearl chokers - I was stringing and fitting 3 or 4 pearl chokers of 3 or 5 rows every week - the best one was a 12 row seed coral choker.  OMG - every row had to be fitted to her neck to sit properly.  I wonder if she ever had it re-strung?

After the old goat and I had a bit of a gossip about it - I thought I would take it up again.  I am way out of practise - but if there is a need for it I am going to stock a few bits and bobs for jewellery repair and take up restringing again.  the haberdashery wholesalers stock that sort of thing so I have picked up some supplies and will get a space in the flat sorted out to work in.  I will launch it all properly after Christmas (still so much Christmas stuff to get sorted - yikes).

I have soooooo much planned for the New Year - can't wait.

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