Sunday, 17 June 2012


You know me - frugal crafting is just in my nature - if it won't jump through hoops - it's waaaaay to tame.

So - how come - the Winter Distress pads were about £10 - now the Summer ones are £15!!!  I have been trying to force myself to get the Spring and summer ones because the inks are such fabulous tools.  Can't do it - sorry - just can not make myself spend £30 on a few ink pads - - totally insane

So (still needing a fix) - 2 wholesalers later - and just picked up the Summer Micheal Powell Lighthouse scenes from Cutting Edge Craft (these guys are so good!).  Got new stock coming in next week for you guys - yummie new Candi - and some kits to keep the kids busy in the holidays - good old basic glues and tools that have been asked for.

It's much more fun buying for you guys ;-)

kitten xx

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