Sunday, 17 June 2012


As you can see we are STILL without internet at the shop - doing my head in - I really miss all the posting - and I can't keep anyone up to date with all the stuff going on in the shop.  Loads of new products - my work is really improving.

We have added a couple of painted garden trellis panels to display cards and pictures.  I clip the cards onto the cross bars with bright painted pegs - and I have a couple of display baskets with hooks on the back that fit over nicely.  They look great when they are full up.
Just to shop you how uneven the floor is!  One end of the book case is flat ont he floor - the other end is propped up about 3" to get the shelves to look flat.  All the display units are packed up at one end to make the shelves run flat - I could not believe it when we first put a unit in, you don't notice it normally. 

kitten xx

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