Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bible art Journaling

Have you heard of KISS?  - as in Keep It Simple Stupid/Simon/ - it's something of an oxymoron with me - as in - kitten simple - NAH!!!!

So when I faced Rebekah's week 2 bible page - just using a stencil and Gelatos - where's the bling chaps.  And then she had a stencil that I could not possibly have - don't you just hate it when you are supposed to have all this STUFF before you can possibly create something - not in kitten's world.  If you don't have it - you can always get round it by somehow - I made my own stencil.  OK - so it's not a big, complicated verse or phrase - but it does what I want it to.

I drew some guide lines and roughed out the word I wanted - then I cut out the centers of the letters - I just love it.

I used a bit of washi tape and a big bulldog clip to keep the stencil secure on the page

Then I rubbed my Gelatos through the gaps with my trusty sponges - - now leave it alone - walk away - - do not touch - PUT THAT GLITTER DOWN

See how restrained I have been - so proud of my self - I really did leave it alone ;-)



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