Tuesday, 21 April 2015

new journal

I have seen a few people art journaling directly into a printed book - and I was kinda drawn to the idea.  I ummed and arred over using a bible or a dictionary - and in the end decided on using a Bible - mainly because the words are always just so beautiful.  I had to hunt about for ages to get the book - I wanted a second hand one just because I love the smell and feel of old books.  I eventually found one for a couple of quid in the Oxfam Bookshop - and it's an illustrated one - which I though was very appropriate to being further decorated.

I am following along behind Rebekah Jones trying out all her different techniques - and I have started way back at week 1 so that I don't miss anything.

So week 1 is very simple - but full of bright, happy colours - and I have decided that this will be my catch phrase for the summer as I learn and grow.



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