Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Toilet roll project

So much for summer starting today - pouring with rain and thick cloud - had my dress picked out and everything ;-)

A little something to keep you amused in the wet afternoon.
You must forgive me - I had already done this project and taken all the photos - then I lost them off the camera somehow and had to start again.  This it how to create the pockets and pull outs - I will cover how to create the outer album soon.

You will need:
Several toilet rolls
Patterned paper to cover – 6” is not quite large enough – you will need 8” or 12”
card for the inserts
Double sided tape

First iron your toilet rolls flat using the highest heat on your iron – add the steam as well if you have it.


Cut your patterned paper to size – so that it wraps round the flattened roll with about an 1” overlap – and has 1” at each open end the fold in.

Secure in place with double sided tape.

On one end you are going to seal the tube. 

Trim off one side of the paper completely.

Trim each side of the other flap slightly – trimming off a tiny triangle sliver.

Secure flap over the gap with double sided tape

The other end will remain open.

Cut down each side so you have 2 flaps.

Trim each side of the other flap slightly – trimming off a tiny triangle sliver.

Add a strip of double sided tape to the back of each end.

Tuck each flap over to the inside and secure with the double sided tape to neaten.

You can cut a plain tag to slot in – but I wanted something a bit more fancy.

Use a scrap piece of paper to work out the dimensions that will fit into your flattened roll.

You will need a template for the backing card – and the pieces that you want to mat the card.

1 – outer back
2 – outer flaps
1 – inner back (bit smaller than the outer back)
2 – inner flaps

Cut out all the pieces and layer up using double sided tape to secure.

I made 6 pockets and inner pieces altogether.

If you use 3 x 12” sheets of double sided co-ordinating you will have loads of bits to use for the trim so that it all matches


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