Friday, 26 February 2016

and more reports.

One thing I noticed was that there were several more die cutting machines launched at the show.  Yes - even more - and as well as a couple of high end machines - there are now a couple more of the smaller 'budget' machines just to make it even more complicated. To be honest I have given up trying to keep track.  My big argument is that it is the quality of the dies that is important - the good old Cuttlebug style and the Sizzix deep ones are fantastic for cutting anything and everything - these new overly fancy, lightweight chaps just don't stay cuttable with for long.  But then - that sort of opinion gets me into all sorts of trouble!

Also - more Alcohol ink pens!  I upset the lady demoing the new Chameleon pens.  They are fine if you just want to colour - expensive felt pens really, but I can get that effect with my Copics - and you can't blend between shades properly - you can't shade or shadow - you can't blend tip-to-tip.  She got really huffy with me - I really must learn to shut up.

I have just put an order in with Creativ.  I love these guys and I have wanted to get involved with them for ages.  I have picked up a couple of boxes of  Silk Clay kits for the kiddies (and the grown ups judging by the way the Goat took to it!).  Also they do wonderful boxes of paper mache blanks to decorate - so I have some Easter pretties on the way. 

I will update you as things start to drift in - like the Facebook page for quick tips and updates.


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