Saturday, 2 May 2015

Saturday Journal Page

I did all my cleaning yesterday afternoon - and it's been dead quiet in this horrid weather - so I have done 2 pages today.  I love it when you start to doodle and the time whizzes by.

These pages are actually done with paint

I wanted to experiment with using baby wipes to apply the paint for a change - and I wanted to make a patchwork effect.  I really love it!  You can get a really thin, flat layer and the paint really stays bright.  There is nothing special about the paint I have used - it looks like the Dylusions - but it's not - it's just the good old Adirondack range in Pool - Raspberry - Sunshine - Citrus.  I put a small amount of colour in to the wells of a paint tray - I did cut the baby wipes in half (just me being mean!) and picked up a bit of paint on the wipe and rubbed it where I wanted it.  The paint does go a very long way like this and you can use the colour you have out to add a second coat or doodle with a brush.  I used a different colour to stencil over some of the blocks - stamped over others - and doodles on some.

When I was doing the first layer of paint - I actually started another page of stripes

I did not have any manikin stencils - so I made my own.

I found some images on google - printed them the size I wanted - put my acetone sheet over the printed image - drew the outline with a Copic marker (works on anything!) - and cut them out.

The smudge black outline is the Copic air brushed - I finally found somewhere to get my gas canisters.

So - there you go - that's how I spent my quiet day!

The forecast for the Bank Holiday is pretty grotty - so we can all stay in and make something ;-)


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