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Really simple little bag pattern

I am having a great time at the moment - organizing all my art Zentangle  and colouring bits.  I am crocheting pencil cases an making bags for my notebooks.  I reckon half the fun of crafting is organizing and sorting the stash!

Today I am giving  you the instructions to make a super cute little tote bag for your note book.  There are no exact measurements - it's more of a formula that you can make to any size.  Just fold your fabric in half to the bag shape and cut the size you want.

These instructions will also be added to the Crafter's Section of my website.

Make a cute lined fabric bag


There are no exact measurement to make this – you can make any size you want.

You will need a stronger, heavier ‘outer’ fabric and a thinner bright patterned cotton ‘inner’ fabric.  Cut 2 rectangles big enough to be folded in half for your bag size.

With right sides together - fold each piece of fabric in half and sew up the sides.

Trim the point off the fold of the outer fabric- turn the outer fabric the right side out.

Trim about 2cms off the outer fabric – however much you want your inner fabric to show as the top cuff on the bag

Push the inner fabric inside the outer fabric.

With the side seams opened flat – match the side seams and fold the inner fabric over the outer fabric.

Turn a little hem under on the outer fabric to neaten.

Cut 2 pieces of ribbon or tape for the handles.

Tuck one end of the ribbon under the hem of the inner fabric – take the ribbon up against the bag.

Make sure that the handles are an equal distance from the side seams and that the handles are the same length.  Pin everything securely in place.

Use small hidden stitches to hem around the edge of the cuff.

Sew up the sides of the ribbon handle to secure well.

That’s it – you are finished.

·         You can decorate you finished bag any way you wish.
·         Use any kind of heavier fabric for the outer – upholstery / curtain fabric is ideal
·         Go totally over the top with the inner patterned fabric – co-ordinate it or go for a clashing colour.
·         If you don’t want an outer cuff to show – keep both fabrics the same length and turn about 2cms of the raw edges over of both fabrics and tuck the ribbon handle directly in.  Hem the edge closed.

Disclaimer: This is my own original wok.  Use it for your own use or for charity selling.  Use it to inspire you, and lead you on to other projects.  But, please do not resell the pattern as your own workings.

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