Thursday, 21 May 2015

good old Fibro

It's been pretty full on for the past couple of weeks - for several different reasons - some good - and some not so - and it's all taken it's toll on me again.

I feel such a wuss! There is still tons to get done - as there always seems to be.  Very little of it is stuff that desperately HAS to be done - mostly things I want to get tidied up - I still have not got sorted fully from the upheavals of the moves - the box room needs a through clear out.  There are a couple of kit projects that are waiting to be finished and made up.  You know stuff like that, that I want to finish and tidy away so I can settle my head and thoughts.  

It's no good though I am going to have to admit that - I am really fragile at the moment.  I need to really rest myself and totally clear my head - get rid of the worries and stress - otherwise I can feel another fibro flare up coming on - and I have done so well to manage them.

so I am going to do a bit of gentle crafting and get into my colouring and zentangles - that will do me the world of good!


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