Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Been making something

We finally have a bit of snow today - sorry - but we haven't had any this past week - just bitterly cold.  

So just what has the muppet kitten been doing now it's snowing?  Standing outside and screwing hooks into the new post stand hubby made me for the knitting kits - that's what!!

Not a brain cell to call my own I can tell you ;-)

Anyway - it is finished

It is kind of like a big bird feeder - but with loads of wire baskets for my kits. I can put them in the baskets - and I can peg them to the sides.  The base needs building up a bit on one side yet - there is not a flat, even bit of floor anywhere here!

I am trying to decide whether to make a sign for the top

kitten and

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  1. Its all looking good Pandy ! Hope to visit you in the summer, if it comes ;) xx


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