Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday fun

It's a beautiful sunny day in the Auld Gray Town today - there is a Farmer's Market in the square (which I will drop up to later for my lunch!) - and I am open 10 - 3ish - depends how it goes - if there are still loads of people about i will hang on a bit - if not I will go home and start on the work there!

Hubby is taking me out for a bite to eat later - which I am really looking forward too.  We can have a good old natter and catch up on stuff.  I am feeling much better this week - I was totally wrecked last week.

There are still a few of the Cream Egg Chicks left - and 2 bunnies

There are also about 4 kits left - the bunny kits are all gone.  The pattern is still available on the site as a download - and will be there all the time for you

Right - catch up with computer stuff today.

kitten and

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