Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Shop Talk

Something totally new for you this week

I have a growing market for card blanks that people can add cross stitch into ( and a couple of knitters and quilters joining in) - - so - - I have got in loads of what they call 2 fold aperture cards.  The cards have 3 panels - with a cut hole in the middle panel to put your work/picture under - and one panel that folds to hide the back of your work - and the other panel makes it into a normal looking card.

I buy these loose and make them up into convenient  packs for you (with envelopes) to make it easy to select what you need.  I have mostly cream and white at the moment - with round / square / rectangle apertures - in both A6 and a bit smaller.

I have loads in stock at the moment - and I will add red and green nearer to Christmas

Listed in the shop - in Paper and card - in the Card Blanks section


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