Wednesday, 23 January 2013

This years trends

The Winter CHA show has just finished over the water in the USA.  It's the big trade get together that they do winter and summer to launch all the big new ranges, and we get a peek into what is going to be in all the wholesalers this year.

I had my report just arrive so I thought i would share a few highlights of what seems to be trending at the moment


  • Well, this isn't new - last year, travel themed products were everywhere. If you invested, in maps, compasses, luggage, etc. you were wise because that trend remains HOT.
  • Office/stationery stuff - note cards, lines for notepaper, stuff like that is growing. You might be looking at the stuff in your office in a whole new way.
  • You'll see more companies carrying dies to coordinate with their stamps. We have had one or two companies try this -  but you'll see more and more of it. 
  • Big bold geometric shapes are out there - the chevron - big arrows hexagons etc.  Big and bold - I think it's a creeping in of the patchwork look.
  • Vintage -- cameras, typewriters, luggage, phones. And very sketchy look as well - kind of like the Leonardo Da Vinci sketch books
  • Felt, embroidery and twine. Think texture. Think sewing. Think "homespun."
  • And anything to do with knitting and funky yarns - Knitting remains huge and seems to be growing - great I love yarns
  • The chalkboard look is trying to make a showing.  Small trend this year - more next?.
  • Washi tape continues to launch just about everywhere
  • Want to know the hot colors? 

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