Thursday, 24 January 2013

new blog for you

You know - there is so much fuss about people 'stealing' other peoples digital art - what ever the rights and wrongs of it all - there are some people out there who are just so generous with there skill and images that we should be shouting them out and supporting them

I want to raise the flag for Mary Ellen who is the owner of Dearie Dolls Blog.

She is always posting loads of free digi images for you to use in your work.  They are super to work with - lightly drawn and very versatile - I have just picked up the Boy's Robot Cake - it is soooo cool - you know what I am like for images for the guys!

You can recognize her work when you see it - and it's a real family collective feel

So - - - 

What I want you all to do is go over to her blog - pick up an image or 2 to work with - and leave her some love

Guys - free images - and they are good - what else is there?

kitten and

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