Friday, 7 October 2011


Bit of an iddy-biddy mish mush of a post today - all sorts of things to cover

Good or bad first?
Better mix things up a bit.

Stretch and Bubbles $1 today

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I have got my sewing machine at the flat now and I am re-discovering sewing.  I made the 'mistake' of going into Reticule the other day.  My-oh-my - a jewal box in fabrics!!!!!!!!  Just devine - and yes I did.  Going to make a Christmas table centre - then a patchwork cat pillow - then ........

My health has taken another back step this summer.  I can no longer do manual work.  I have always loved to do DIY - putting furnature together - restoring Charity shop finds - digging the garden - growing veg - doing all my own painting and decorating etc.  I baught one of those simple pine shoe racks and I could not put it together.  I just did not have the strength to screw in the screws.  I had moticed that I was struggling to sand up some an old dresser that I had picked up - but thought I would just pace myself.  Not a chance.  I can still do a bit of light manual work - bit of painting - hang 2 strips of wall paper - sweep the pation - but that's it.  No more DIY.  Mind you there are those who say a girl should not be hammering - sawing - and scewing things anyway.

Speeking of the flat - I finally took a photo of the living room.  Excuse the grotty lighting - I could not make the flash work
I painted the walls a pale pink - and baught a roll of wall paper with big motifs on it.  The shapes were leaves and art deco looking flowers in loads of different sizes and the are all glittery - yes glitter on a wall paper!  I spent a couple of very happy afternoons cutting out all the motifs - then I scattered them in one corner of the room and trailed them out along the 2 walls to the other corners - it looks so cool (and is son proof)
Lastly - the weather - what's that all about then?  Sunbathing on the beach Sunday - giant hail stones Thursday - talk about time passing too quickly 6 months gone in 3 days
kitten xx

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