Saturday, 8 October 2011

Couple of small quickies for you to day - a tip for a new bow style and a new website for our canine friends

Jingle bells are all the rage this Christmas - but how to use them in a way that looks stylish and grown up?  New 'bow' style for you
Just how beautiful is this?

You will need 5 or 6 different style ribbons - mix up think and thin ribbons with glitter or fluffy fibres.  Cut short lengths - make then all slightly different.  Tie together by wrapping a crochet cotton thread (or similar) and thread it through the bell loop to attach the bell.  Tie very tightly so you can push and pull the ribbon lengths about to spread them out a bit.  Attach to the card with a glue gun or silicone glue.

or - use a wire to bind the ribbons together and curl the ends of the wire

or - you could stitch to a cushion.  - Just something a bit different.

My dogs have a new fave web side!

I - WE - met these guys at a show and just fell in love with their cookies.  Seriously - you should just smell the peanut butter ones!

The girls back everything themselves and the biscuits use gluten free flours and no preservatives for the highest standards and tastiest treats, There are cup cakes (soooo cute), chocolates, lollipops chews and shoes as well as the cookies.  My dogs favorite is the paw cookie with chocolate pads - they use molasses for the sweetness and the dogs love it.

Pop over to their site and support a genuine up and coming small business venture - I wish them all the luck in the world.  When I open my little shop (he-he-he) I will have a box a week to sell

kitten xx

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